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YOUTUBE NOTICE of 12/10/19: YT Channels May Be Deleted

November 22, 2019 Report by: Dr. June Knight

YouTube has a new Terms of Service beginning December 10, 2019 and the churches/ministries need to pay attention. One side of this notice is so that YouTube account holders will clarify if the channels are geared towards children. YOU  MUST CLARIFY THIS OR THEY WILL DO IT FOR YOU AND POSSIBLY SHUT YOU DOWN.

However, many ministries are pulling their content off of this medium because of the other language in the TOS. They have the option now to pull off any channel that does not meet their commercialization. So, if they do not approve of your content they can shut you down like they did Alex Jones? Well many ministries are taking action now. The problem with the channel is that we have over a thousand videos on it!

We must take notice church that one day we will not have access to social media. They want to shut down the conservative and especially Christian voice. So, we must be praying as to how we will reach the masses without social media avenues. They want to keep the propaganda of the Agenda 2030 UN directives. Anything that is in opposition of their goals will be eliminated both electronically and physically.

Also, whatever happened to President Trump stopping the social media giants from going after conservatives and Christians? Nothing.

So pray about this and take action if need be.

See press release from YouTube.

YouTube Changes Coming:


Is it any coincidence that this comes out as the same time that Taylor Swift is singing this song and the blasphemy of Kanye West?


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