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A CNN Journalist Taunts Conservatives: “You are all eager of demonic possession.”

Washington DC – July 15, 2019 – Report by Miranda Dawson

A CNN journalist taunts conservatives: “you are all eager of demonic possession.”

President Donald Trump held a very important meeting in the White House on Thursday, July 11, 2019, in regards to social media bias and how we can come together to solve censorship problems.

The president invited several small media outlets and conservative individuals who have experienced censorship, harassment from big tech companies, and even being deleted entirely from certain platforms.

In addition, Some GOP lawmakers, including Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), also spoke out about their concerns over conservatives on social media.

As the discussion moves forward, America may consider it is a perfect time for the bigger media outlets such as CNN, to show their professionalism and eagerness to hear out the other side.

But instead some journalists chose to do the exact opposite and shout questions when it wasn’t their turn for questioning.

As the Hill reports::

“Trump took questions from his supporters during the social media summit, but did not respond to shouted questions from the credentialed press during the Rose Garden event.”

Then, after the summit and Trumps announcement on the citizenship question for the 2020 census, a reporter by the name of Brian Karem continued to heckle Donald Trump supporters.

This is Joy Villa’s testimony:

A video filmed by an on looker records Brian’s words as he describes Donald Trump’s supporters and small media outlets as people “eager for demonic possession.”

Brian: “No I’m just standing around, look, this is a crowd eager for demonic possession.”

Conservative radio host Sebastian Gorka stands up and responds:

Gorka: “And you’re a ‘journalist’ right? You’re a journalist?”

Brain: “Hey come on over here and talk to me Brother you and I can go outside and have a real conversation!”

Gorka: “So you are now threatening me at the White House? You are threatening me in the Rose garden? You are not a journalist you are a punk!”

Brian: “Go home! Hey, Gorka get a real job!”

And if that exchange wasn’t living proof of how narcissistic these so-called “professional journalists” really are, Brian apparently felt the need to continue his ego trip with conservative songwriter Joy Villa.

As the Hill reports::

Joy Villa, a vocal Trump supporter, turned to the press at one point and encouraged them to “stop reporting fake news.”

How many copy editors do you have?” Karem asked.

“We don’t need to have that. We just have our voice,” Villa responded, wearing an American flag-themed dress that read “FREEDOM” at the bottom.

“That’s not journalism,” Karem replied, as the two continued exchanging views.

You can check out the full exchange of words between Villa and Karem below as reporter Dr. June Knight caught the entire thing on video.

So, what is this say about the so-called “Free Press?”

Well, for starters the mainstream media who touts itself as a free speech defender of “freedom of the press” seemed to have a very hard time at discussing the censorship of free speech by some individuals.

If you were a true defender of freedom of the press, then why aren’t they supportive of other outlets with different ideas?

Moreover, why aren’t they one bit interested in how big tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google have continued several campaigns to silence such conservative individuals?

Furthermore, notice how Brian described journalism in his exchange with Miss Villa. He asked her how many editors she has. And when she replied she didn’t, Brian responded with “well that’s not journalism.”

Are journalists like Brian who work for CNN really the ones who define what journalism is? Who makes them superior to the average person who seeks truth?

If you recall, for the better half of the last three years of the Trump presidency it was mainstream media outlets such as CNN and reporters like Brian who have peddled the conspiracy theory of Russian collusion, which has turned out to be utterly false.

And yet we have not seen any formal apologies from any of these reporters and news outlets for the lies they told the American people for the last three years. Why? Is it only their opinion that we should believe and accept as undeniable truth?

Of course not.

In fact more than 70 years ago the commission on freedom of the press organized in 1942 by publisher Henry Luce explored whether the freedom of the press was in danger and the proper function of the media in modern democracy.

He stated, “These agencies can facilitate thought and discussion. Or they can stifle it. They can advance the progress of civilization or they can thwart it. They can endanger the peace of the world…. their scope and power are increasing every day as new instruments become available to them. These instruments can spread lies faster and farther than our forefathers dreamed when they enshrined the freedom of the press in the first amendment to our constitution.” (Excerpt taken from Mark Levin’s book, Unfreedom of the Press.)

Have we seen journalists seek to advance the progress of civilization by promoting ideas like liberty and free speech? I know I haven’t.

In my view, this video footage that is not being reported on of journalist Brian‘s actions shows how little they think of the rest of America.

Like Brian, they think in their minds that they and only they have the power to decide what you and I see on TV and what you and I think in our heads.

Outlets have proven they will silence anyone who disagrees with them and even in a professional setting at the White House, in the Rose Garden, and in the very presence of the President of the United States, they will show their true colors and heckle those with different viewpoints.


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