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Who Gets the Vaccine First? See Latest Tentative Order!

Report by: Dr. June Knight                Date: October 1, 2020

Healthcare Workers, People with Underlying Conditions and Elderly 1st!

We are the Bride Ministries is currently hosting a 2020 Vaccine Congress Watchmen Convention at their new office in Winchester, Tennessee. At this convention, we are watching live-streaming real-time video conference from Washington DC. At this conference there are the worldwide players involved in this COVID-19 vaccine agenda for both humans and animals. WATB Center is hosting a panel of Christians from all over the country to evaluate the information from the experts.  We are learning key information you need to know.  One of the concerns is the order of vaccine implementation.

During the Vaccine Congress we have discovered that there is extremely specific and targeted order that the vaccine, once developed and released, will be administered.  We have the schedule that was released by the Center for Disease Control on September 16, 2020.  Dr. Fauci presented the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM)’s Draft Framework for Distributing COVID-19 Vaccine on Monday, September 28th, 2020 at the Vaccine Congress.

****THIS IS NOT THE ABSOLUTE FINAL PLAN because they are releasing a FINAL one this weekend and will let you know if it is different.  This is our most current information to date****

The CDC Plan:

Phase I: 


·       Paid and unpaid persons serving in healthcare settings who have the potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients or infectious materials and are unable to work from home.


·       Other essential workers

·       People at higher risk of severe COVID-19 illness, including people 65 years of age and older

Phase 2:

·       Remainder of Phase 1 populations

·       Critical populations

o   Critical infrastructure workforce

        *Healthcare personnel, (i.e., vaccinators, pharmacy staff, ancillary staff, school nurses, and EMS personnel)

        *Other essential workers

o   People at increased risk for severe COVID-19 illness

     *LTCF residents (i.e., nursing home, assisted living, independent living facility residents)

    *People with underlying medical conditions that are risk factors for severe COVID-19 illness

     *People 65 years of age or older

o   People at increased risk of acquiring or transmitting COVID-19

     *People from racial and ethnic minority groups

     *People from tribal communities

     *People who are incarcerated/detained in correctional facilities

     *People experiencing homelessness/living in shelters

     *People attending colleges/universities

   *People who work in educational settings (e.g., early learning centers, schools, and colleges/universities)

     *People living and working in other congregate settings

o   People with limited access to routine vaccination services

     *People living in rural communities

     *People with disabilities

     *People who are under- or uninsured

·       General Population

Phase 3:

·       Remainder of Phase 1 Populations

·       Critical populations

·       General Population

Next, let’s look at the Plan that Dr. Fauci presented to the world on Monday, September 28 at the World Vaccine Congress.  His plan differs from the one given by the CDC and even includes a 4th phase which leaves us to question if this is when the vaccine will become mandatory.

Phase 1:

          Phase 1a:

·       High-risk HCWs (healthcare workers)_

·       First responders

          Phase 1b:

·       High-risk co-morbid conditions

·       Older adults in congregate/crowded residences

Phase 2:

·       Critical risk workers (essential industry etc.)

·       Teachers/school staff

·       Moderate-risk co-morbid conditions

·       Other older adults

·       Homeless shelter/group homes

·       Jails/prisons


Phase 3:

·       Young adults

·       Children

Phase 4:

·       All others

**source is from World Vaccine Congress 2020 at Washington DC. Dr. Fauci spoke on Monday morning on 09/28/20

Each of these plans are very targeted and precise.  We are truly facing a crisis and we must be prepared to make a very critical decision regarding whether you take the vaccine or not.  People will die over this United Nations globalist agenda.  We must pray for God’s strength and wisdom during this time.  We will inform you of further communications as to the order of vaccinations.

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