TV Shows TOSS Presents TOSS – The Original State Show – “Suicide & The Holidays” Episode 6 – Special Guests – with Minister Patti Herrington & Pastor John Rawdon Presents

TOSS – The Original State Show

6th Episode

“Suicide & The Holidays”

with Special Guests:

Minister Patti Herrington

Firefly Outreach Ministries

Pastor John Rawdon

Sweet Water House of  Prayer in Hohenwald, TN

Monday, December 12, 2016


On this week’s episode, the Head Host, Prophetess Theresa Nichols interviews our guest, Minister Patti Herrington. They discuss the challenges we face with Christians and suicide at the holidays, which would hold us back from achieving our “original state’. Pastor Patti Herrington is over Firefly Ministries and you may find her at

In our Health Segment, Pastor John Rawdon talks about his revelation from God about eating and health. He is from Sweet Water House of Prayer in Hohenwald, TN. 

Special Guests:

Minister Patti Herrington

Health Segment: Pastor John Rawdon


About TOSS:

In an effort to bring to the table the conversation about the epidemic condition of the overweight Bride, this show will deal with this issue and hope to change the culture and bring awareness to how the Bride needs to be in shape for the harvest coming. We hope to encourage other Christians to gain self-control with their temples and allow God to restore them physically, mentally, and spiritually. We will travel and do LIVE SHOWS in the future to help others be successful in gaining control of their temples and using it for the glory of God!

Join the movement and TAKE BACK YOUR TEMPLE! Show will air on beginning in November. It will consist of a 30-minute show once a week and feature many guest, interesting opinions of others about this issue, workouts, prayer, and panel discussions by the Hosts.

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