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Heart of Texas Tour

Spotlighting a Minister Near You!


Dr. June Knight will be interviewing a minister/ministry near you! The Lord gave her a dream and told her to interview key Christian leaders to reflect the HEART OF TEXAS before she leaves September 8th or so. The Lord wants to show the Bride of Christ the preachers in Texas who are moving and shaking the Kingdom for His glory! It does not matter if you have a “name” or not…it matters your obedience and souls.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Apply here and we will pray to receive a release to interview you.
  • Once approved, Dr. June will travel to your church and interview you.
  • This will be a LIVE interview!

What is Required for Interview:

  • If more than two hours away, please provide one night housing.
  • Preferred in front of your church/ministry/group for a LIVE audience of people that LOVE you.
    • Allow them to hear your life story and what God did to take you from NOTHING and make you into SOMETHING in Him.
    • You are asked to PREACH, bring a word, or minister in your gift to the LIVE audience once we finish the interview (if time). We have a two-hour broadcast..
  • We ask that you take a love offering so that we may highlight other ministers in Texas.
  • Must have internet for LIVE STREAMING, or be able to HOTSPOT off of someone else’s phone..but highly prefer internet.
    • etc.)

    Why should I do an interview:

    God has anointed Dr. June to interview ministers. He wants to reveal to the Bride about how He made you and transformed you into the man or woman of God. Your story is very unique and there is noone else like you.

    Dr. June has interviewed over 200 ministers in the past year and a half through radio and TV. She will help you feel comfortable and to share your life story and vision with other Christian leaders across the world!

    It’s also a great way to promote your vision to others for future partnerships, speaking engagements, and engagement with your congregation. When they hear THE REAL YOU..they will want to serve you more. It’s a win-win situation!

  • Dr. June would like to have a table in the back or in the foyer to sell her books.
  • We ask that you share your interview on all your mediums (FB page, Twitter, website, social media, etc.)

So pray about it and see if God wants you to be one of the few that God highlights before Dr. June leaves Texas in September. There’s only a short window of opportunity for this Heart of Texas tour.



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