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Planned Parenthood Agenda & Red-Robed Witches – Christians are WINNING

May 10, 2018 Report By: Dr. June Knight White House Correspondent Washington DC – Friday, May 10, 2019 Planned Parenthood is on the prowl across the nation to keep their position of abortion and murder.  They have decided to dress up in red robes in solidarity with the TV show – The Handmaiden’s Tale. The […]

America Bride Time Live Dr. June Interviews Presents Bride Time LIVE – Dr. June Knight Interview with Author Don Allen – Missouri – 7 Days with a Witch

On Monday, March 25, 2019, Dr. June interviewed Don about his book – 7 Days with a Witch! Hear the most amazing story of a witch who got saved and taught him about spiritual warfare. The author explains spiritual warfare from the occult’s point of view. Very interesting! I couldn’t stop reading it! I read […]