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Herman Cain – “I Give High Marks for President Trump”

Washington DC – July 21, 2019 – Report by; Dr. June Knight I was attending an event at the Press Club when this other gentleman was interviewing Herman Cain. I love his answers! He addresses: Him running for office and pulling out President Trump The African American Race – blacks Democrats And More ______________________________________________________________________ Dr. […]

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Dr. June Knight & George Caylor Book Signing in Lynchburg, VA

Lynchburg, VA – April 29, 2019 – Dr. June and George held a Book Signing at the Lynchburg Library in Lynchburg Virginia. Hear George tell the story of the book and stories while Dr. June told her journey of the PIT TO THE PALACE (Washington DC) and her seven books.,,,, […]

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BRIDE TIME LIVE – Dr. June Knight Interview with Terry McIntosh – Green Beret Combat Veteran – Paducah, KY

Paducah KY on 03.29.17 Terry Lynn McIntosh (born January 16, 1950) is a Christian Evangelist, an author,  actor,  former Green Beret, and Army Ranger.   Life and Career Family and Education McIntosh was the sixth of seven children born to Claude and Esta McIntosh in Paducah, KY. His father died when he was age 5, and […]