South Korea – a Mirror to Socialism? Pray for South Korea

Washington DC – August 26, 2019 – Report By:  Dr. June Knight

We must consider what is happening in South Korea in order to have a proper understanding of our battle for the founding of our country. They are trying to change our history and future by liberal ideologies and progressive agendas. We all knew as Christians that if Hilary won the Presidency, we would have slid right off the cliff towards a Satanic agenda.

Let’s see the story of South Korea – turning of a great nation…

[Janne Pak – USA Journalist – Voice of Washington VOW] writes the following:

A Prayer for President Park Geun-hye

“As history attests, a country that oppresses its own people rarely stops there.”- The U.S. Vice President Mike Pence

On August 22nd, 2019, Moon terminated the General Security of Military Information Agreement (the “GSOMIA”) between the U.S., Japan and South Korea, jeopardizing the tripartite alliance and national security. Moon is currently using Japan as South Korea’s external enemy in order to unite the Korean public. Eventually he will instigate anti-America sentiment within South Korea to solidify his grip on power.

The U.S.-RoK alliance is facing an unprecedented crisis. Pro-North Korea communist Moon Jae-in is destroying the very foundation of South Korea with his subtle and manipulative tactics. At its core is his efforts to undermine liberal democracy (the political ideology South Korea was built upon), dismantle the U.S.-ROK alliance, and violate human rights against President Park Geun-hye with unconstitutional impeachment against her. Moon has made public remarks against South Korean conservatives saying he wants to “burn Korean conservatives to death.”

Look at this article,

The Moon Jae-in administration is simply a left-wing regime with pro-North Korea sympathies,” Cho said, as the Korean national anthem soared in the background. “That is why they acknowledge the Kim Jong Un regime.”
Cho also raised concerns North Korea could get what it has advocated for decades: a so-called “Koryo Confederation System” that would eventually realize North Korea founder Kim Il Sung‘s vision of unification by absorption of the South.
“The Republic of Korea is a liberal, democratic market economy created according to the charter and founding ideology of the United Nations,” Cho said. “Therefore, it is not compatible with the three-generation dictatorship, socialist-communist system” of North Korea.
Cho also said the Moon administration’s legitimacy should be questioned, given the circumstances that brought the current president to power.
“The left-wing regime came to power because of the illegal impeachment of Park Geun-hye,” the activist said, adding the South Korean “tabloid media” is ultimately responsible for a decision from the constitutional court to unilaterally vote in favor of impeachment in 2017.

It is no coincidence that Moon Jae-in who has violated the rights of President Park and imprisoned hundreds of Korean conservatives is also violating the rights of America and Japan. 
The legacies of President Park Geun-hye are unparalleled. In essence, she fought to defend the constitution of South Korea based on liberal democracy and strove to efradicate South Korea free of communism. 
1. She made Korea’s communist teacher’s union an illegal entity and dissolved a communist political party, the first time a political party was dissolved in South Korean history.
2. On October 1, 2016, on the Armed Forces Day, President Park made a landmark speech towards North Korean public, saying “please come to the bosom of freedom in the South.” This infuriated the North Korean leadership, who urged communists in South Korea to remove her from presidency.

Two years and six months have passed by since March 17th, 2017, the day when President Park was impeached without a shred of evidence. The so-called “evidence” that was used against her for impeachment was based on fake news that later were found to be groundless. All that the prosecution’s office has been able to prove so far has been her innocence, not her wrongdoings.President Park’s imprisonment is a serious breach of human rights in supposedly “democratic South Korea.” We must have her immediately released from the prison to safeguard the freedom of South Korea.
Former president of South Korea Park, kun-hey

The following written by Dr. June Knight

In short, the once booming South Korea was taken over by a dictator, threw the real President in jail for false charges, and took over the country. As the article above states, the UN is a part of this takeover. It is now turning socialist and communist. This is not spa good thing! It’s terrible. If we are not careful America, this will happen to us.