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10 Reasons why Christians Should NOT Support Kanye West’s Fake Jesus

November 20, 2019 Report by Dr. June Knight As I wrote about yesterday the difference between his Jesus and the true Jesus, through prayer the Lord is making it very clear why we must not partner with this phenomenon. When will the church have a rage for the mockery of Jesus name? When will we […]

Ecumenical Movement Christian Entertainment One World Order Kanye West

Kanye West & Evangelical Promotion – One World Religion

November 18, 2019 by Dr. June Knight Pay attention to the Evangelical Leaders Promoting this apostasy! The fruit of our evangelical leaders is being revealed to the church right now. Wake up church! ************************* At Joel Osteen’s church – According to Kanye – God is blessed to have him because he’s so high and mighty! […]

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LGBTQ Agenda’s “Great Awakening” = Merging with Conservatives, Republicans, & Trump

Washington DC – October 3, 2019 – Report By:  Dr. June Knight The LGBTQ agenda is attempting to take over every area of society and declaring it as the “Great Awakening”. I’ve always hated the term “Great Awakening” because of the New Age innuendo. Check out this article in Charisma Magazine: Notice how the same […]

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Digital Persecution – Facebook Crackdown on “False” News

Washington DC – August 26, 2019 – Report By:  Dr. June Knight Facebook has announced they are cracking down on false (fake) news through their medium. The alarming thing about this notice is that it also includes “domains or websites”. If we are to believe they only mean their website it may be OK, however, […]