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President Trump’s Administration Will Promote Scientific Research That Protects Life

PROTECTING THE SANCTITY OF ALL LIFE: President Donald J. Trump does not believe the Government should be in the business of funding research that uses fetal tissue from abortions.

President Trump’s Administration will not allow taxpayer dollars to fund scientific research that uses fetal tissue from abortions.

Under President Trump, the National Institute of Health (NIH) is ending all intramural research that involves fetal tissue obtained from abortions.
Current extramural research projects will not be affected during their currently approved project period.

An ethics advisory board will be convened for Health and Human Services (HHS) funded project that proposes to use fetal tissue obtained from abortions.

Under current statute, the ethics board can recommend to the Secretary that funding be withheld for projects.

PROMOTING ETHICAL RESEARCH: The Trump Administration will promote valid and ethical scientific research that does not utilize fetal tissue.

Now is the time to redirect taxpayer dollars into developing sustainable, ethical research that has the potential to save lives.

The Trump Administration will be funding efforts to develop ethical alternatives to research using fetal tissue from abortions.

In line with this, the NIH recently announced a $20 million research program to develop models that do not use fetal tissue from abortions.
HHS will minimize the use of fetal tissue in extramural research by restricting the practice to projects in which no other valid alternatives exist.
Scientific justification and proper compliance with all established local, state and federal laws will be required.

DEFENDING CONSCIENCE RIGHTS: President Trump and his Administration have demonstrated their commitment to life and ensuring conscience rights are protected.

HHS launched a new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division to help ensure that laws protecting religious freedom and conscience rights are enforced.

The Trump Administration has proposed a conscience rule to protect the conscience rights and religious freedom of individuals working in healthcare and healthcare organizations.

The President reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy, preventing taxpayer funded foreign aid from going to support abortion.
The Trump Administration proposed a regulation to prevent taxpayer dollars from the Title X family planning program from being awarded to abortion providers.

The Trump Administration issued guidance to fully enforce the requirement that taxpayer dollars not support abortion coverage in Obamacare exchange plans.

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