Dr. June Interviews Bride Time Live

Bride Time LIVE – Dr. June Knight Interview with Pastor Roger Thaxton – Hendersonville Pentecostal Church, TN

October 15, 2017

Pastor Roger Thaxton

Hendersonville Pentecostal Church


Dr. June sat down with Pastor Roger Thaxton and shared his life story and calling to Hendersonville Tennessee. This is a man rich in love from his church AND community. He is a giving man and very relationship-oriented. You may find him at his church family’s deathbed, hospital, wedding, graduation,etc. He is a hands-on pastor…even when the people are backslid and in sin. Very well respected and an honor to interview!

About Pastor Thaxton:

Brother Roger Thaxton has been in ministry over 40 years. He’s married to his beautiful wife Elizabeth. Hear his life story on this broadcast. He is now the Bishop of his church, Hendersonville Pentecostal Church, 151 Rockland Rd., Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Watch His Interview


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