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The First Coronavirus Drug Remdesiviris Approved!

Atlanta, GA  Report by: Dr. June Knight April 27, 2020

President Trump announced today that an emergency use authorization was granted by the FDA for Gilead Sciences, Inc.’s drug Remdesivir. Currently there is no drug or vaccine to assist with the coronavirus. 

According to President Trump, “And you know what that is because that’s been the hot thing in the papers and in the media for the last little while — an important treatment for  hospitalized coronavirus patients. And it’s something. I spoke with Dr Khan and Dr. Fauci and I spoke with Debra [Birx] about it and it’s really a very promising situation. We’ve been doing work with the teams at the FDA and NIH and Gilead for spearheading this public private partnership to make this happen very quickly. “

Dr. Birx adds, “I think this really illustrates what can happen in such a short time. For the first case, that was diagnosed in the United States to now, our first step forward with a therapeutic in less than 90 days”. 

What does this mean for the long-haul, we will have to wait and see. There has been an escalation in talks about quarters. The President mentioned it in the NEWS TODAY broadcast yesterday. He explained that things will drastically change by the fourth quarter of this year. He’s expecting a great prosperous year next year. However, due to his testing guidelines, we expect that he will require everyone to be tested, drugged and possibly vaccinated in order to return to this great utopia.

I declare to you today Bride that we will never go back to the United States we once knew. The new normal will be social distancing, etc. Please pray before you consider participating in the testing, drugs and vaccine.

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