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Press Release – A few hours ago, President Trump signed more relief into law

The White House • April 24, 2020
NEW: President Trump signs emergency relief bill

America’s small businesses should never have been left waiting by House Democrats—but with President Trump’s signature today, more relief is on the way.

🎬 President Trump: We’re keeping millions of Americans on the payroll

The new law, signed just hours ago, will replenish the President’s small business loans program while also providing crucial support for America’s frontline medical workers. Specifically, the new agreement provides:
$320 billion in additional funding for the Paycheck Protection Program

$75 billion for hospitals and healthcare providers to fight Coronavirus

$25 billion for ongoing testing across the country
The Paycheck Protection Program ensures that small businesses can continue to pay employees and cover costs during this global health crisis. After the program launched earlier this month, it proved so crucial a lifeline that its initial funding ran out in just 14 days. With today’s signing, millions of Americans will now stay on the payroll.

“I want to thank Congress for answering my call to pass this critical funding,” President Trump said.

🇺🇸 A historic victory for Americans!

🎬 Bret Baier corrects the record: Nancy Pelosi halted the funding. Period.

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