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President Trump on social media bias: ‘They’re playing with a lot of minds’

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President Trump on social media bias: ‘They’re playing with a lot of minds’

President Donald J. Trump called out social media censorship and bias during a first-of-its-kind summit at the White House yesterday, warning that legislation could follow “if Silicon Valley doesn’t change its ways,” Mark Moore reports for the New York Post.

“I am directing my administration to explore all regulatory and legislation solutions to protect free speech and the free speech rights of all Americans — that’s you people in this room,” the President said at the Social Media Summit at the White House. “We hope to see transparency, more accountability and more freedom — that’s on both sides.”

President Trump recognized the attendees for challenging both the establishment media and corporate censors and bringing more information to light for the American people.

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USMCA will provide “access to rules-based, tariff-free global trade”—something “imperative to the economic prosperity and the livelihoods of more than 634,600 workers across [Michigan],” Chuck Hadden, CEO of the Michigan Manufacturers Association, writes in The Detroit News. “I remain hopeful that our lawmakers will see the economic opportunities . . . The USMCA will strengthen and modernize rules to spur economic prosperity, increase access to Canada and Mexico, and finally create an even playing field for U.S. manufacturers.”

“President Trump officially issued his executive order Thursday, which demands all other departments and agencies provide the Commerce Department with any information related to citizenship,” Julio Rosas and Jerry Dunleavy report in the Washington Examiner. The President also “instructed the Commerce Department begin planning the administrative processes necessary to add the citizenship question to the census in 2030.”

“The Trump administration’s proposed sale of 108 M1A2T Abrams tanks to Taiwan not only serves a national security purpose — it is also a major boost to the Ohio manufacturing sector,” Russ Read writes in the Washington Examiner. “The Abrams is produced and serviced at the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio, a city that has seen highs and lows based on the whims of the Pentagon.”

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