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HOT Tour Presents Dr. June Knight Interview with Dr. Phillip Morris – Highlands, TX

gim-symbol2 (1)Heart of Texas Tour

Dr. June Knight

Interview with

Dr. Phillip Morris

Restoration Church

Highlands, TX

Sunday, August 21, 2016


About Dr.  Phillip Morris

Untitled design (3)20160709_105708Dr. Morris is a specialist in spiritual warfare and deliverance. His heart’s desire is to educate the Body of Christ about how to become victorious in their everyday lives.  After battling with the kingdom of darkness for over thirty years, Dr. Morris has produced much resources in order to strengthen the church.

You will find on this website a store with many CD’s, DVD’s, books, pamphlets, etc., for you to purchase and strengthen your walk with God. He also conducts seminars, schools, and other trainings to prepare the church on this subject as well.

Dr. Morris prays this website helps you in your destiny!

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Watch His Interview:



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