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Planned Parenthood – The New Holocaust Center for People Parts for Sale

On the Right Side

by George V. Caylor

“People Parts for Sale”


Lynchburg, VA – May 11, 2019 – Several months ago I wrote about the “body parts” industry in communist China.  A wealthy person in need of a liver, a heart, etc. can travel to China to buy one.  The Chi-Coms will match blood types and kill one of their prison inmates, often a Christian.   Demand meets supply.  The folks in China don’t care too much, as there are lots of prisoners available, with millions of potential arrests when more are needed.

Nearly 20 years ago millions of Americans who watched 20/20 were shocked to learn  the same practice is being plied in America.  But this time, it’s a different type of prisoner.  This time, the body parts came from a child on a life-support system.  That life support happens to be an umbilical cord. Planned Parenthood calls these people “fetuses”.  Of course, the Latin word “fetus” means “little one”, or “baby”.  But the Latin word is used to dehumanize pre-born babies by calling them something else.

Whenever you want to kill someone, you must first take away his/her humanity.   The Nazi’s did this before the Holocaust with their film “The Eternal Jew”.  They depicted Jews as large rats in need of extermination.  I’ve seen the film, and it is diabolical.  Even our own Air Force used a strange term during the Viet Nam war: “sanitize”.  We “sanitized” an area when we dropped napalm.  I guess it made it easier for our pilots to do what was necessary to win the battle.  However, war is war, and soldiers fight and die.   But I don’t remember any pre-born babies declaring war on us.

The lovely 20/20 reporter, Connie Chung, showed no sympathy whatsoever to the babies whose lives were taken, and whose body parts were sold.  The agony they suffered and the lives they lost were inconsequential.   Ms. Chung did show some sympathy to the women who had had abortions and whose babies had been sold without their knowledge.  But the show was not about sympathy, nor about injustice to the most vulnerable members of society.  The 20/20 show attacked the greedy abortionists and clearing houses who sell baby body parts, and pocket an extra $50,000 per week doing so.

Excuse me for asking, but doesn’t “greed” seem like a rather petty complaint, considering the situation?  Reminds me of a cartoon: Moses and the Jews were walking a path between the walls of Red Sea water.  Moses said to a nagging woman walking beside him “I KNOW it’s damp underfoot.  That’s a stupid complaint at a time like this!”  An abortionist who makes millions of dollars each year is certifiably greedy.  An abortionist who makes his living by preying on desperate women, while taking innocent and viable human life is greedy.   It hardly matters what euphemisms he uses to justify his occupation.  It’s greed.

I remember that after the end of World War 2, the full story of the Holocaust became known to Americans.  We were shocked by the sheer numbers of people who died in concentration camps at the hands of the Nazis.  It was inconceivable that so many – 6,000,000 – human beings could have been killed.  But what shocked us most was the “practicality” of their killers.  We learned that useful parts of the people who died in the gas chambers were used by the Nazis:  gold teeth and fillings, skin for leather products, and fat for rendering into gun powder.  It seemed inconceivable at the time.  People could not be so cruel.  At the Nuremburg trial, their excuse seemed so lame.  “It was war.  Those people were dead anyway.  Why not save lives by salvaging what we could from their bodies?”  Sound familiar?

Maybe America was different back then.  Human life meant something.  It seemed sacred, because God said we were created in His image.  The number of innocent people who have died in our American Holocaust is now approaching 60,000,000, and we have learned that they too are being used for their useful parts.  Yes, we must be different. But Democrat Presidential candidates promise to keep the tragedy going.   And even with all we know, one of them may be elected.

Copyright 2019 George V. Caylor


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