Dr. June Interviews Bride Time Live

WATB.tv Presents BRIDE TIME LIVE Show – Dr. June Knight Interview with Opal Dalton of Steppin’ Out Blessed Ministries in the Great Smokey Mountains

Dr. June Knight Interview

with Opal Dalton of

Steppin’ Out Blessed Ministries

in the Great Smokey Mountains

Saturday, February 4, 2017



Fellowship Baptist Church
Deadend of Jessie Lane
Off Martin Mill and Old Maryville PK
Knoxville, TN 37920

You are invited to hear the life story of an amazing woman! She is a TV Host and ministry leader in Knoxville, TN. Dr. June has been on her TV show in Knoxville and Ms. Opal has been in ministry for over 60 years! What a blessing from God! She is famous for hosting women’s conferences and events.  Watch this video of their trip together in Pigeon Forge at Christmas time.


About Opal:

Opal was saved and baptized in water at an early age. She was filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized with the Fire in 1975.  Married to her high school sweetheart, Don Dalton, for 54 years. she is a  mother of 5, grandmother of 9, great grandmother of 7. and has 2 sons in love, a daughter in love,  and also a son in love which in heaven.

A native of East Tennessee, she has lived in TN most of her life. She also lived in Florida in the 70’s. Opal has worked in various areas of ministry from the age of 12 years old. She was also an entrepreneur and business owner from 1964- 1990. Her life changed dramatically the first Sunday evening of July 1990, when she answered the call to full-time ministry.

Flying Higher Ministries was founded by Don and Opal in May 1993. They were Co Pastors for over 20 years, during which time they opened buildings which had been closed,  usually for 2 years or more.   They, along with others who the Lord led to help, made repairs so they were useable as churches, and then moved on to the next assignment as the Spirit led.  At each location, they had outreach ministries to help with food, clothing, community evangelism, recovery support, etc. The mission was always to see souls saved, healed, delivered, restored and set free from all captivity.

The Flying Higher television program was launched in May 1993  and was co hosted by Don and Opal for 12 years.

Opal is also the CEO of Steppin’ Out Blessed Ministries which she founded in 2002. She is Host of “Steppin’ Out Blessed with Opal Dalton and Friends” TV program, and  Coordinator and Host of   “Steppin’ Out Blessed conferences and retreats. In addition she and her husband Don, currently have weekly meetings at The Praise Place in Corryton, TN, with  a vision to build a multipurpose meeting place.

With great joy, Opal serves as an ambassador for  the Kingdom of GOD, mentoring and loving people unconditionally. The life giving anointed word and personal experiences she shares, exhorts those who hear to strive for a closer, intimate, victorious walk with the Lord.

As the Spirit leads, Opal will accept appointments to speak at conferences, retreats,  and other events   Her desire is to see souls saved, lives forever changed,  and to help others find and take their place, and go forth,  bearing fruit that forever remains.

From Opal Dalton about GOD KNOWS I’M A WOMAN Women’s Conference:

Ladies, I have been praying and meditating on many things. I am led by Holy Spirit to host a Steppin’ Out Blessed brunch and conference on February 4, 2017, from 10:30am – 2:30pm EST.

God’s Heart is the Harvest of souls. The theme for this conference is “GOD KNOWS I’M A WOMAN!”

There are many ladies which God desires to use to help bring in the harvest, however for various reasons you may not have found your place, or come to the full knowledge of and/or submission to calling on your life.

Perhaps you are unsure if God really can use you, don’t feel you have a platform, resources, or help, etc. It is also possible you are walking in your calling more than you realize, for the your present season, while being prepared for your next season.

SAVE THIS DATE and join us! Let’s explore this more together! We are in the army of the Lord. Your part and post is very much needed, and very important.

Even if you have been laboring in the harvest fields for years, I am confident that you will be refreshed, motivated and strengthened to “Stay the Course” and “Carry On” at this event.

Hosted by Opal Dalton and the Steppin’ Out Blessed Ministry team.


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