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NEWS TODAY w/Dr. June Knight – Churches will be Testing Centers now? PAY ATTENTION to Your Church’s Requirements Before Going Back!

Atlanta, GA – Report by: Dr. June Knight May 9, 2020

As churches begin to reopen in many states, there is much we have to consider. As you will see in this video, the actions they want the church to do – to include testing each person that walks in by checking fever, asking questions, etc., is intrusive beyond measure. Does it not seem funny to you Bride that they do not require this for corporations? They do not require this to buy groceries (essential), buy housing materials at Home Depot (essential), drive for Lyft or Uber and people get in their cars (essential), however they are providing all these stipulations to squeeze many churches right out of business/services? How can any of this be fair?

Another thing to consider is that many people visiting your churches may not be friendly to your plight. I can see now people with phones filming people who are too close and making big spectacles out of this. So, be so very careful ministers.

If this happens and we miss a step, I can see it to where if they have to shut the nation down again and maybe worse this time, that they or people will be blaming the church. We are under attack church! I pray you can see that the New World Order is in place and placing a muzzle on the church through many ways. They are not asking your opinion about opening back up.

No, these guidelines now leading our new days at church are led by worldly secular people or from people who do not truly have the heart of the church. We all understand the depth of what is happening by us not being able to obey Jesus – lay hands on the sick that they may recover, cast out demons, hug people for healing, etc. We are being persecuted!

What do you think about the state requirements listed in this video?

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