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WATB.tv Presents President Donald J. Trump Rally in Nashville, TN

Story by Dr. June Knight

March 17, 2017



President Trump visited Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday to rally the troops and to thank them for their support of his administration. Tens of thousands lined up for blocks to see this powerful man. Not only was it freezing outside, but the Secret Service only had two entry doors to screen the guests. The line was so long and many people were not able to enter by the time the president spoke.

Prior to President Trump, Lee Greenwood sang, “God Bless the USA” to a roaring crowd. Nashville did not disappoint the president in showing support to his administration and policies.  The crowd shouted, “USA, USA” and “Lock her up!” It became a loud thunderous crowd many times to his declarations of “I will never ever abandon your families”, “I will work on the taxes as soon as I take care of repealing Obamacare”, etc.  He ensured the onlookers that he was very proud of their support and that he was fighting for them.

I noticed that there were very few protestors on the outside, but the media in the booth (mainstream media) focused most of their shows on this small group. Instead of saying, “thousands are showing up to support our president.” They definitely had a motive and agenda. I was happy to be there representing the Christians and seeing for myself how the people responded to our honorable president.

One sad point I noticed at the rally was how there was a very small percentage of African Americans in the crowd. Like maybe 5 people out of 1,000. It was very low numbers. This breaks my heart that we have such a divide in our nation and I pray that God breaks the enemy’s plans, especially in the church.

I suppose this is the same condition in the church due to the fact of how many African American preachers are disappointed with Trump on Facebook. I have over a thousand ministers as friends on Facebook and this is where I base my presumptions. I may be off, but one of my old professors in Bible College, an African-American, posted on Facebook yesterday, “I was invited to the White House to pray with the president. Should I go or should I not?” When I read this I thought, “Why would he even ask such a thing. Why would this even cross a preacher’s mind?” Then when I saw the hundreds of responses and the very angry tone from African-Americans to encourage him to not go, my heart was grieved for the church.

We need revival in the church. We need healing and an awakening. Thank you Lord that the professor ended up choosing to go.

President Trump’s Daughter-in-law Lauren Trump

Overall the night was a success! President Trump fired up the crowd and built relationship with our city. We are blessed to have him visit and impart into our city! God bless President Trump and God bless America!

See His Speech Here:

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