events America Special Events to Cover President Donald J. Trump’s Visit to Nashville, TN – Nashville Rally 2017

President Donald J. Trump is coming to Nashville to host a rally on March 15, 2017 at the Municipal Auditorium.  We are honored that he chose our city! will be there to cover the event! It is an honor to have Christian news media present at this event!

Purpose of Visit:

According to The Tennessean, “Trump has spoken at several rallies in recent weeks, and Nashville is a natural fit in the wake of the president’s promise of a “full-court press” on behalf of Republican-backed legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare. The debate surrounding the health care bill is reaching a fever-pitch and Nashville is one of the nation’s health care hubs, boasting a near-$40 billion industry. Trump’s arrival Wednesday would also fall on the same day The Hermitage, the historic home of former President Andrew Jackson, is celebrating the 250th birthday of the nation’s seventh president, whose populist politics have resonated with Trump. Upon moving into the White House last month, the new president hung a portrait of Jackson in the Oval Office.”



See His Video:


MAGA Revival Christian March

We believe this is prophetic preparation for the #MAGArevival; as we kickoff the tour on March 25, 2017.  Dr. June Knight will travel the nation from border to border beginning in Washington, D.C. and declare REVIVAL. She will be meeting average American Citizens and gathering signatures for the president to show the Christian’s support and creating a documentary! Dr. June wrote a book dedicated to the President and after the end of the tour another book will be written about the experience on the road.  See the Book and read more here.


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