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MAGA Revival Tour – Bride Time LIVE with Dr. June Knight Interviews Americans – “What Would You Say to President Trump?”

MAGA Revival Tour

Presidential Documentary

Bride Time LIVE with

Dr. June Knight

March – August 2017

October 24, 2017

Dr. June Knight traveled the entire border of the United States this year following a 40-Day Fasting & Praying Initiative on WATB Radio with other prophets across the nation. During this time they prayed for the process of inauguration of the president and the vital appointments to the cabinet, etc.  Following this 40-Day Prayer, the Lord woke up Dr. June four days in a row at three and four o’clock in the morning downloading the assignment of MAGA Revival. (Making America Godly Again).  Learn more about that assignment HERE.

One of those assignments included interviewing Americans to acquire the real voice and heart. This documentary is about American’s opinions directed towards President Donald J. Trump. Please see the two-part documentary.

Part One

Part Two

See the Other Interviews “What is God Doing in Our Country Today?”


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