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Momma June Show Featuring Dr. John Saba, Detroit, MI

Dr. John Saba

John Saba Ministries

Detroit, MI

**Filmed in JoEllyn & Don Schipper’s Home in Washington Township, MI, on the outskirts of Detroit.

Thankyou JoEllyn for introducing us to Dr. Saba! Please see JoEllyn’s ministry!!**


Dr. Saba’s Testimony

This is a testimonial journey from hopelessness to abundant life, peace and spiritual freedom Father God, in the name of Jesus, I give thanks to the Holy Spirit for guiding my thoughts. Thank you for transposing these thoughts to words and allowing me to share what You have placed in my spirit. I pray You give wisdom and understanding to all who read these words, that they also will be delivered from the bondage of stagnated wrong hearts and spirits. Now my children open your hearts and hear my words. Touch my tears, feel my words, walk in my footsteps as we travel through sixty years of a man’s life. Please hold my hand as together we witness the cruelty of the weapons of this world, used by the enemy, to deter and disconnect us from the Blessings, Our Father, has prepared for us. This testimony is being written one year after I opened my heart and allowed the Lord Jesus to enter (1983). It was rewritten in 1991 to include more testimony. My testimony began at birth. It was more of an event than a birth, since I was the first born to our family in over forty years. The Arabic traditions of heritage and custom are always based upon and passed from generation to generation by the son-via the father’s name.





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