Momma June Shows

Momma June Show Featuring Dr. Judy Laird, Baton Rouge, LA

Dr. Judy Laird


Nederland, TX


The Gathering Place

Head Pastor – Jon Ortiz of

Jon Ortiz Ministries

June 2015


IMG_3982Dr. Judy Laird was preaching at The Gathering Place in Nederland Texas in June and she talks to the Bride about things to come. She also presents Momma June with a very significant book for We are the Bride Ministries. It is a prophetic mandate for revival.

Dr. Judy Laird Ministries is based out of Baton Rouge Louisiana. Dr. Judy is an international minister and is featured on many television and radio broadcasts across the world.  She operates in the prophetic mantle and imparts the fire of God into the Bride.

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IMG_3972More information about Dr. Laird coming soon….

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