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Momma June Show Featuring Dr. Dianna Senkyrik – Bay City, TX

Dr. Dianna Senkyrick

EagleHeart Ministries, Inc.

Bay City, TX


Dr. Dianna preaches about the Supreme Court ruling concerning the homosexual marriage act. She encourages the Bride to love the people and let God do the judging. She encourages us to remember how the saving grace of God is our strength.

She also ordains Momma June, and other ministers in her congregation.

Dr. Dianna Senkyrik was raised in the church and in 1988, she totally surrendered her life to the perfect will of God. Since that time, her late husband ministered with her about 20 years.  In May 2014, her husband went to his eternal reward in Heaven. Now she is moving forward into her destiny with God as her husband.

She is the mother of five (5) kids and twelve (12) grandkids and lives in Bay City, TX.  She is a prophetic teacher, pastoral counselor and has earned a Doctorate in Biblical Studies as well as a Doctorate of Divinity.

She is the founding pastor and director of EagleHeart Ministries.  This ministry includes:

  • eh-official-logoEagleHeart Revival Center
  • Eagle’s Wings – Training & Mentoring
  • Eagle’s Rest – Counseling & Shelter


For more information on Dr. Dianna Senkyrik, please go to her ministry website at or Email her at Her personal site is


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