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Momma June Show Featuring Apostle Barbara Williams – Ministry of the Watchman – Cleveland, OH, Detroit, MI & Toledo, OH

Apostle Barbara Williams

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Momma June sits down with Apostle Barbara Williams in one of her studios located in Toledo, Ohio.  The apostle explains to the church about prayer and the definition of a watchman. She shares her story and prays for the bride. 

Who We Are…

The Ministry of the Watchman began in 1990 as a prophetic teaching and intercessory prayer ministry. It began with the vision of Barbara Williams, who felt a strong desire to teach and train people who would be skilled in warfare according to the Biblical functions of the Watchman. Knowing the need in the world for prayer, Barbara obeyed the call of God to develop the ministry into a format that is easily taught to all believers.

Responding to the word in Habakkuk 2:2 to write the vision down and make it plain upon tables that he who sees it may run with it, she developed the prayer manuals that are used internationally by watchmen. This ministry is also a training area for ministry gifts (school of prophets), as the believer’s ministry is taught and practiced according to Mark 16:17-18.

Our vision is to see a great outpouring of the Spirit of God that will release souls to be won into the Kingdom of God. Our vision is to occupy until the Lord comes, and see the whole earth filled with the knowledge of His glory as the waters cover the seas. (Hab 2:14).

barbara-williamsWe share our ministry with others through publishing the Word in books, our newsletter, “The Lord’s Lighthouse”, and through teachings recorded on CD, DVD, and Podcast. Our aim is to encourage and strengthen the body of Christ through teaching, testimony and news pertinent to the Ministry of the Watchman.

We invite you to join us at our local meeting in your area, or contact us for our newsletter, prayer manuals, or for information on establishing a chapter in your area.

About Barbara:

Download her full bio here Rev.BarbaraWilliams Portfolio

Rev. Barbara Williams stands in the offices of prophet and teacher. She teaches life in the spirit and supernatural living. The healing gifts operate in her ministry. God has done notable miracles in her Healing Schools and Miracle Services such as healing the deaf, healing cancer, removing growths, and healing broken limbs.

God releases miracles in the financial realm as well. The revelation gifts of the Spirit and the teaching revelation gift both operate in her ministry. She encourages believers to walk in the spirit, walk in authority over the powers of darkness, and walk worthy of their calling. By impartation she activates gifts and empowers believers to do the work of the ministry, and to have signs following their work.

Rev. Williams’ gift as an inspired writer allows her to publish and edit teaching and prayer manuals, plus newsletters and over 15 books including God Wants Us to Be Prophetic People Vols. 1 & 2. and The Ministry of the Watchman: Beacon of the Body of Christ, Keeper of the Lord’s Lighthouse. President and founder of The Ministry of the Watchman International, she has pastored two groups of watchmen in Cleveland and Detroit for the past 25 years.

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