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Momma June Show Featuring Apostle Jachin Dardar of Houma, LA

IMG_4078Apostle Jachin Dardar

Greater Harvest Ministries Int’l

Houma, LA

w/Spiritual Daughter Dr. Dianna Senkyrik

From Bay City, TX

IMG_4081Apostle Jachin Dardar has a powerful anointing on his life. He’s been in ministry over 25 years and now is the Apostle of many churches. It was awesome sitting down with him and we know you will enjoy this broadcast as well!

Rev Jachin Dardar, Sr. is a native of South Louisiana. He was born into a christian home, (his mother and father both ministers), and assisted in the start of several full gospel churches in the Southeast region of Louisiana via his parents’ cottage prayer meeting ministry. He began preaching at the age of 15 and is now celebrating 46 years of ministry in the Word. He and Cindy, his wife of 42 years, also share a singing ministry. Cindy, being a pastor’s daughter, also has, like Jachin, a life long church experience.

They have a 26-1/2 year pastoral career and for the past 15 years have traveled extensively throughout the U S, Canada and other Countries spending most of their time preaching Camp Meetings, Family Camps, Pastor’s Conferences, Men’s Conferences, Revivals, and Seminars. Rev. Dardar has served and does serve as Presbyter/Overseer of churches and ministries as well as consultant to pastors and ministers. He is exceptionally keen to the move of God in these last days and carries a unique balance of well seasoned Word and applicable truth. He is sought after for his insight on subjects such as The Anointing, Divine Appointment, True Worship, Leadership, The Issue of Paradigm (thought processing) In The Modern Church World,  as well as Church Structure and Understanding God’s Kingdom.

You will be challenged by this ministry to press forward to the next level of your walk with God and your experience in His kingdom. While called to be a “Prophet of God in the last days”, Rev. Dardar is known as an apostle to many who are his spiritual sons and daughters. He speaks prophetically to the potential of this present day and believes that these are the GREATEST TIMES in the history of the Church, and that God is now performing HIS GREATEST WORK EVER. When attending these meetings, come expecting and ready to receive from God.


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