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The LGBTQ Lie – Don’t Believe it Church

Washington DC – September 4, 2019 – Report By:  Dr. June Knight

[OPINION] Bride – do not buy the world’s lie that we are racists, bigots & supremacists. Listen…we do not have a problem with PEOPLE. Let’s make this very clear. Of course Christians LOVE all people. We have a problem with the acronym AND AGENDA of LGBTQ. Why? Because this is a Satanic label for sexual preferences. THIS IS NOT PEOPLE. THIS IS A SHORT TERM FOR DEFINITIONS. THE DEVIL IS STUPID. He’s trying to sell mankind that they need to LABEL THEMSELVES AS THIS CURSE WORD AND PLACE THEIR SOUL UNDER THIS CURSE. So…if you do it…the WORLD will celebrate you and you will be rewarded!


So…we have a problem with the AGENDA. NOT THE PERSON. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

This agenda is out to STEAL, KILL AND DESTROY. It is SIN in its most evilest forms. This lifestyle robs a human of the very integrity, mission, identity, and purity! It’s an evil monster OUT TO DESTROY YOUR FAMILIES

We must stand our ground Bride! We cannot partner with this AGENDA…TICKLE THE DEMONS….or anything! God will not be mocked! It is OUR JOB TO TELL THE HUMANS THAT THEY ARE NOT
gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, asexual, beastiality, pedophile, etc.

NO NO NO. God has an identity for you. Don’t label yourself UNDERNEATH THIS AGENDA AND CURSE. Put yourself under God’s blessings and rid yourself of this sinful flesh and lust. Don’t tell the world your sexual appetite and then ATTACH IT TO YOUR BODY LIKE A GLOVE. You are wrapping yourself in your own demise.

So, when we witness to people…we are to tell them like this…
Ma’am or Sir…you are going to do what you’re going to do because you make your OWN CHOICES. Sin has consequences, so it’s my job as a Christian and a son or daughter of God to tell you the truth…then what you do with it is your own choice. God’s word says this…..and God wrote your book before time began and says that he wants your life to look like this and that. (more abundant life). However…if you choose to go down the path of the WIDE ROAD…then your pleasures bring reward NOW but your consequences will be an eternity in Hell. However, if you choose the narrow road, you will be persecuted and suffer now…but your eternity and reward will be later. YOU MUST CHOOSE. EVERY HUMAN CHOOSES THEIR ROAD. DON’T BELIEVE THE DEVIL SAYING IT’S NOT A CHOICE!!

So…if you choose to go down that road it is death and destruction although satisfying to your flesh temporary. God’s road is harder because you fight the world’s temptations and your reward is forever in glory. So, I told you the truth and what you DO WITH IT IS YOUR CHOICE. I AM CLEAN BEFORE GOD’S EYES.

Then they choose and you give them to God and pray.
Of course we love them and pray for them. However, if we participate in their sin…then WE ARE JUST AS GUILTY. It’s called GUILT OF ASSOCIATION. Just like in crimes….etc.

So…I encourage you Bride…recognize the strategy of the enemy.

Love you,
Dr. June Knight


Dr. June Knight is a White House Correspondent. She has published seven (7) books and can be purchased at  Dr. June holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Master’s Degree in Corporate Communications with Minor in Mass Communications and a Doctor in Theology. Dr. June spent six (6) years traveling the country, serving ministries and assisting them to achieve their goals in marketing and communications. She trained teams across this country on how to do media and best practices in communicating their visions from God. Due to her extensive travels, raising three children who are called of the Lord, went to bible college with two of those children, and interviewing over 400 ministers across this country; Dr. June now provides a voice in the governmental sphere about Christianity viewpoints. Dr. June covers news and interests mainly from the White House and the Department of State.  The Lord sent her to Washington DC on October 9, 2018 with $9.00 and a suitcase on the Greyhound Bus. The Lord has taken care of her ever since. Now he has supplied her with a beautiful apartment, new furniture, car, clothes, new TV equipment, and all she needs to accomplish the mission here in Washington DC. If you would like to donate to help her continue being a voice for the Christians in the White House, please donate here.

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