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LGBTQ Agenda’s “Great Awakening” = Merging with Conservatives, Republicans, & Trump

Washington DC – October 3, 2019 – Report By:  Dr. June Knight

The LGBTQ agenda is attempting to take over every area of society and declaring it as the “Great Awakening”. I’ve always hated the term “Great Awakening” because of the New Age innuendo. Check out this article in Charisma Magazine:

Notice how the same websites that talk about “spiritual awakening” and the “New Age” are the same ones that are quickest to spread misinformation about the historical Jesus, the Bible or Christian history. It is uncanny.
“Here is how you awaken. Here is the truth about God and the afterlife. Here is the truth about enlightenment, and the wisdom of the ancients that we have forgotten. Just ignore the fact that the Illuminati believe what we believe and use the same symbolism. By the way, Jesus never existed. By the way, Jesus was a prophet teaching us the inner path to God. By the way, Jesus was just an ascended master who taught mysticism. Don’t believe history; history has been corrupted. Just trust me that Jesus isn’t real and history got it wrong.”
The New Age beliefs go hand in hand with a one-world religion, which goes hand in hand with denying Christ. It all comes back to him because he is Lord, and this is a time of deception to turn as many away from Him as possible. And as biblical prophecy continues to be fulfilled, the deceptions will get more intricate and severe. Please do not be fooled by this stuff. 

This Great Awakening is the LGBTQ community being emboldened by the evangelicals, conservatives, Republicans, the Community (one-world-conscious), etc. They are now validated by the far-right. This will end up leading to the great persecution I keep warning the church about whenever the fundamentalists and extremist (us) speak out against this horizontal community merger of LGBTQ and religion. When I say horizontal and vertical this is what I mean:

Vertical means a human’s relationship with God straight up. This relationship is more important than any other human relationship. It is individualistic. It does not tolerate.

Horizontal means a human’s relationship with God is relational with others first. This means you bend and mold according to the world’s agenda for the better “common good”, “universal”, “pluralism” “ecumenical movement”, “as one” “unity as in co-exist” with other religions. Horizontal means coexist and calm-down. Tolerate. Merge.

Remember these terms Bride: horizontal, common good, the community, the circle, building bridges, etc. The New Age Jesus is blending and mixing all faiths to include LGBTQ. Everyone is equal and your God is not better than my god.

I have attempted to upload the video to show you all these things, however, all of social media has declined it. Hopefully one day we will find a platform to release this show without BIG TECH interference.

In the video however, I discuss the strategies of the LGBTQ movement such as the Log Cabin Republicans moving in on the Republican Party to infiltrate the nation and party and evangelical church. They have partnered with, if not behind the #WalkAway Movement exiting the Democratic Party and coming to the Republicans. We see that they will now travel the entire country hosting town halls and meetings within colleges, high schools and other LGBTQ locations. Some meetings will be specifically for the LGBTQ to announce this GREAT AWAKENING of merging with Republicans (conservatives) and now they’re all coming together in love.

Also, we examine the LGBTQ agenda across the country, let’s see how the Illuminati using Taylor Swift and her push for the Equality Act. She is telling Christians to CALM DOWN AND JUST LET THEM BE GAY. GO AWAY!

Taylor Swift pleaded with her audience on Monday, August 26, to support the Equality Act.  This is a classic example how the Illuminati rises these characters to gain millions of followers then to have them accomplish Satanic goals.  

See Taylor’s official Video supporting Equality Act – 

See her VMA Performance – 

Now let us examine the #WalkAway movement.  After my research, it appears that the Log Cabin Republicans are the ones behind pushing this group into the Republican Party.  They finally after 30 years have influence with a President to push this agenda.  What happened you say?  Could it have been their threat to him at the #WalkAway march in 2018 when they basically declared that they will vote Republican in 2018 but if they don’t let them in they will walk away from the Republicans too?  

So six months later we see the President endorsing them this summer:

The #WalkAway team will be traveling the nation this next year and speaking in colleges and high schools encouraging the LGBTQ lifestyle and encouraging them to join the Republican party and vote the President Trump. This is one example:

#WalkAway NYC Town Hall – 

#WalkAway speaking up for conservatives now! 

See Brandon at President Trump’s Cincinnati Rally Summer 2019

HR5 & LGBTQ Partnership with Republicans & Trump –

This merger that’s taking place with the LGBTQ (Log Cabin Republicans, #WalkAway, transgenders, etc) with the Republicans, Evangelicals, #Trump2020 Campaign, etc., then this one-world love Great Awakening they’re creating is actually a false love. God will not allow the church (true Bride) to partner with this agenda. When you put them on a platform and in leadership, and funding them, then you are asking for a curse to be upon our nation. It’s exactly like my speech warned about last year.

This will bring Congress closer to passing HR5 by this merger. Currently HR5 is in the Senate at the Judiciary Committee level.  See my article exposing this Satanic agenda against the church. People assume the Senate will not pass it but we must remember the eight Republicans that partnered with it at the House level.  We never thought they would do that either.  We never thought we would see the President do this either.

Check out this event that is the ThinkTank to the #Trump2020 Campaign to be held next week in October. On the speakers board is transgenders and LGBTQ agenda. They are even discussing LGBTQ rights at this conference. This guy, Ricky Rebel is one of their feature entertainers of their pool party! This gentleman sings about gender confusion, identity, perversion, transgender, etc. THIS IS WHAT IS COMING DOWN THE PIKE FOR #TRUMP2020? Look at this:

Then look at this one…

And this one…

This gentleman/woman is going to be a major participant in this AMP conference. Is this what we have to look forward to in #Trump2020 campaign? Does he really need the LGBTQ now? Why didn’t he need them the first time? Who is advising him to do this? Do they understand the ramifications from God by doing this? Why is his pastoral leadership going along with this and some of them even traveling with the #WalkAway group? What is going on?

We must pray church that God reaches him and the team. God will not be mocked. God is holy. Let’s pray there is a turnaround quickly.

Last thoughts:

It doesn’t shock me that they are all blending now because America is in the UN’s global LGBTI Group! Look at this

What does the Bible say about merging with ungodly…

Warning to the President:

When I moved here last year, I heard Brandon Straka threaten the Republican Party that if they did not support the LGBTQ agenda, then #WalkAway will not support you in 2020. Following that, the Lord gave me a dream and told me to present this speech at the White House a few days before the 2018 election:

Since that time you have endorsed the LGBTQ Movement several times. Merging with the Beast is not the answer. God cannot bless your Presidency if you partner with the LGBTQ agenda.  By partnering with this agenda, it has removed God’s hand of protection over you. God has protected you for 2.5 years through all of your mistakes, etc. However, when you spoke out this summer, added them to your 2020 campaign, and endorsed this agenda, God removed his hand and now you have been opened up to the enemy. Please REPENT publicly and turn from this. Please do not partner with this agenda or judgment will come to you, your family and this nation. We love you and want the best for you and our nation. God has granted us more time before judgment. Please do not speed it up.

Warning to the Church:

Do not put anyone up on a pedestal to where you will excuse their sin. God will hold you accountable. We must pray and speak truth in this hour. Make no man or woman your idol. God is holy.


Dr. June Knight is a White House Correspondent. She has published seven (7) books and can be purchased at  Dr. June holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Master’s Degree in Corporate Communications with Minor in Mass Communications and a Doctor in Theology. Dr. June spent six (6) years traveling the country, serving ministries and assisting them to achieve their goals in marketing and communications. She trained teams across this country on how to do media and best practices in communicating their visions from God. Due to her extensive travels, raising three children who are called of the Lord, went to bible college with two of those children, and interviewing over 400 ministers across this country; Dr. June now provides a voice in the governmental sphere about Christianity viewpoints. Dr. June covers news and interests mainly from the White House and the Department of State.  The Lord sent her to Washington DC on October 9, 2018 with $9.00 and a suitcase on the Greyhound Bus. The Lord has taken care of her ever since. Now he has supplied her with a beautiful apartment, new furniture, car, clothes, new TV equipment, and all she needs to accomplish the mission here in Washington DC. If you would like to donate to help her continue being a voice for the Christians in the White House, please donate here.

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