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Why Christians Support President Donald J. Trump


Report by: Dr. June Knight

March 20, 2019 – Washington DC – I’ve been asked many times why the evangelical Christians will not quit supporting President Donald J. Trump. I explain to them that it is not that we think he’s the savior, but we trust what God is doing through the man. We trust God. We believe that God did a miracle on election night 2016 and gave us President Trump. Now we have a president who loves our country, who is not ashamed of her, who is holding up the Christian values, pro-life, pro-Israel, etc. We finally received what we prayed for!

The problem is that many don’t like the package the prayer came wrapped in. Too bad because this is the wrapping God sent to the church. We must see it and pray for him.

One day I met a woman on the train after covering a Democratic Rally and she asked me that very question and this is my response:

We deserved the evil ruler we had with President Barack Obama. The church got exactly what it deserved. The church was being judged by God because we were in error. We left our first love and began preaching a social gospel. We quit preaching sin and truth. We began mixing with the world and tolerating sin.

We received a man who publicly declared that we are NOT a Christian nation. He apologized for our country many times to foreign countries like he was ashamed of us. We didn’t know where this man came from, etc. He was a judgment to the church. When the Supreme Court made the ruling of same sex marriage, we knew we were in trouble of judgment by God for such evil ruling. Then for our President to display the rainbow colors on the White House, it put the fear of God in our hearts. 



Obama White House

Then when the elections took place, we had a good versus evil scenario play out before our eyes. One candidate was pro-life, family, etc., and the other candidate was directly opposite of biblical values. The church knew that if Hilary won we would go straight off a cliff. The church pulled together and repented. We held prayer meetings all across this country to repent to God. So, when God did a miracle and gave us President Trump, we knew we had to pray and protect him.

This woman said, “But how can you still support him after you see all the crazy things he does?” My reply, “Because we trust God more than him. God chose him.” Then I looked at this woman and said, “Ma’am, you will not be able to impeach him. I don’t care how hard you try because we have 24/7 prayer all across this country for him. It’s like Ft. Knox! We have him surrounded in prayers and protection!” She reacted, “Well we may not be able to impeach him, but we can hurt him pretty good.”

I knew I was talking to the leader of some progressive organization! I didn’t know it was actually the president of the biggest progressive one in the country!

I interviewed a minister on WATB Radio December 2018, and he explained the scenario compared to Ahab and Jezebel. Prophet Toby Wentz:

Now see what Jonathan Cahn says about President Trump:

People wonder how we can continue to support him in spite of his Twitter rants and mouth. It is because we believe God is using him to “Drain the Swamp” and to fight corruption. We have grace for him knowing we did not elect a pastor. We elected a President who will take our country back and help us. He truly cares about the health of this country and is fighting for us. The church is split over him. It appears that the majority of the black church does not like President Trump because Obama stirred the flame and brought so much division. Hopefully the black church sees now how much President Trump is helping the African-American community and will come together in UNITY with the rest of the church. We need to come together because we have so much other things that are more pressing.

Whether we like our President our not, we are called by God to support him in prayer. Let’s pray for him today. We need restoration in the church in this country and healing of the races. We need to be united as one to achieve the destiny that God has for us. Let’s do this church.

Dr. June Knight is the President of We are the Bride Ministries, which contains and WATB Radio. She has a Master’s in Corporate Communications and a Doctor in Theology. She has spent the last six years in full-time ministry and serving the Bride of Christ with her talents, skills and gifts. She s a modern-day scribe documenting what God is doing. In 2017 she traveled the entire country – 36 states, 18,000 miles and 6 months praying along the entire border of the country. She made two documentaries of that trip which you can find on YouTube. God finally moved her to Washington DC on October 8, 2018 to help the Bride of Christ on the government level. God recently blessed We are the Bride Ministries with an office next to the White House! Dr. June attends press conferences at various branches of government and other Christian events.   This news is reported based upon the Christian perspective. Find out more about Dr. June at

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