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“It’s a Huge Deal” – Iowa Farmers React to President Trump’s Order on E15 Fuel

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“It’s a Huge Deal” – Iowa Farmers React to President Trump’s Order on E15 Fuel

“President Donald Trump came to Council Bluffs to praise farmers, and pledged to continue fighting for them,” José Zozaya reports for KETV. “The president announced year-round sales of E15 fuel. He also signed an executive order to streamline the biotechnology process.”

These new actions will help reduce costs, eliminate delays, and ultimately allow farmers to produce safer, more sustainable crops without excessive interference from Washington. “It’s a huge deal,” said local farmer Bruce Bracker. President Trump is “a businessman that keeps his word.”

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The Trump Administration unveiled a new initiative yesterday “aimed at giving women a bigger role in global peace and security efforts,” Catherine Lucey reports for The Wall Street Journal. “White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, has been a key champion of the effort and took part in a discussion about it at the Capitol with a bipartisan group of lawmakers.” Ms. Trump said that the Strategy on Women, Peace, and Security “recognizes that women’s participation and empowerment are essential to good defense policy, conflict resolution and post-conflict peace-building efforts.”

“The acting Homeland Security secretary gave lawmakers a glimpse Tuesday into just how many asylum seekers skip their hearings after being released into the United States — telling a Senate panel that a recent program found 90 percent miss their court dates,” Adam Shaw reports for Fox News. “The secretary described authorities as hamstrung by laws that limit how long they can keep migrants in custody.”

“The Rio Grande Valley sector of the Texas border is currently in custody of more than 8,000 illegal immigrants, nearly three times the intended capacity of 3,363,” Eddie Scarry reports in the Washington Examiner. U.S. Customs and Border Protection warned Monday that America’s border security system will collapse under the weight of mass illegal immigration if no action is taken by Congress. “This is a tragedy and Democrats in Congress refuse to do anything about it. It’s exactly how they want our immigration system to work.”

“USMCA will lead to more jobs, larger paychecks, and cheaper prices for American consumers,” Rep. George Holding (R-NC) writes in The Hill. “It’s time for Washington to buck up and get this agreement over the finish line. We have before us a once in a generation opportunity to define a new global standard in digital trade, one that positions the United States as the world leader in the digital economy. We can’t afford to let it slip away.”

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