HR5 – Equality Act is Not Equal to Christians – it’s Anti-Christ

Friday, April 5, 2019 in Washington DC

Report By: Katie Knowlton

When you think of Equality, what do you see?

People of all races or cultures standing in a circle, holding hands?


H.R.5 Equality act is not an act for unity. It is a false representation of its own name.  Its main purpose is to invade, divide, and conquer.  Steal, Kill, and Destroy…Sound familiar?

According to Liberty Counsel’s article on HR 5- Equality Act, “is the most extreme threat to religious freedom, free speech, privacy, and to women’s rights that has ever been proposed by Congress. The impact of HR 5 will be widespread- affecting churches; religious colleges and universities; public, private, and Christian schools; curriculum; religious and private organizations; employers; employees; individuals; foster care and adoption; shelters local state, and federal entities; privacy; women’s rights; and more.”

Do you work at or have children that attend a private Christian School? If so, and that school does not comply with the HR5 Equality act which states, LGBTQ is no different than any one person’s race, funding will then be taken away for that private school and children will lose out on a Christian schooling experience. states that “activists push…radical protocol: social transition as young as 4, puberty blocking drugs as young as 9, cross-sex hormones as young as 14, and surgery by 18 (or, in some cases, even younger).” There was a case in Ohio, parents lost custody privileges of their 17-year-old child due to the fact that the parents denied their child testosterone enhancement pills. 

We saw posted on the Facebook page, that Yale Law University tried to implement a “nondiscrimination “policy, which would take away funding nor tolerate organizations that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, such as Christian programs on campus. One of the many beginning phases of HR5 Equality act. 

Churches will lose their funding’s if they do not comply. 
Schools will lose funding if they do not comply.
Employee’s will lose jobs if they do not comply.

We can all see where this is going. 

Please Look into these websites I have mentioned.  I am also attaching links that you can read and further be educated on the very real nature of this situation.  There is also a link  for the HR5 Equality Act bill as well as a place to sign a petition against the HR5 bill.  ß HR5 Equality Act Bill <—– Heritage website <—- Article written by Liberty Counsel on HR5 Equality act <—- You can also sign a petition against the HR5 here.

Katie Knowlton lives in Houston Texas.