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HOT Tour Presents Dr. June Knight Interview with Apostle Pat Ehmann – Hattiesburg, MS

patbartSaturday, August 6, 2016

Heart of Texas Tour

Victory of Faith Conference in Katy, Texas

Dr. June Knight with

Apostle Pat Ehmann of

The Hub Gathering in Hattiesburg, MS


Dr. June Knight (3)Apostle Pat Ehmann sat down with Dr. June Knight and shared about her upcoming book, Supernatural Invasion, her life and ministry. She shares how God supernaturally rained down money from heaven, healed her, etc. It’s all in her book! Her ministry is The Hub Gathering in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

More About Apostle Pat Ehmann:

Her goal is to reach, teach, activate and release the body of Christ to do the work of the ministry, which is the Ephesians 4:11 principle. Pastor Patricia has been in active ministry for the past 40 years and has a desire to see a church-wide revival. She is a revivalist at heart. She travels nationally and internationally to bring Healing to the Nations.

Following the passing of her husband, Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Apostle Pat Lee redefined her ministry, moved to a neighboring bigger city, and branched into the next phase in her life. She opened her brand new church called The Hub Revival Center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She has an awesome team of believers and they helped her to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit into this next phase in her life. She was honored to be commissioned and imparted into by her spiritual father, Prophet John Mark Pool at the opening ceremony of her new church in November of 2015. He commissioned her into the official office of an Apostle. Following this event, God blessed her and the ministry with Pastor Bart Ehmann. Two hearts merged for ministry and the purposes of God.

Apostle Pat lives in the supernatural and walks in signs wonders and miracles. She is a new author! Her first book “Supernatural Invasion” is about her revelation of walking in the supernatural naturally!! She has seen the dead raised, the lame to walk, and the blind to see!  She has witnessed multiple healings by the power of God!!  She has seen money appear out of nowhere, etc. Look for her book release soon!

Her life is a great example of how to stay pliable when God changes your life. When He shifts your circumstances, or requires you submit your ministry and give it back to Him. She is a blessed woman and very excited about this next season of promotion in God’s kingdom!

See Her Interview Here:



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