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HOT Tour Presents Dr. June Knight Interview with Peggy Willis – Spirit Steps Ministries – Houston, TX

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Dr. June Knight

Interview with

Peggy Willis

Spirit Steps Ministries, Houston, TX

Sunday, August 14, 2016


About Peggy Willis:

20160806_165218(0)Minister Peggy Willis has been in the Praise Ministry for 20 years. A graduate of Bible college and a Licensed & ordained minister. God gave her the Name Spirit Steps  from the PS.85:13 scripture. Spirit Steps Praise Ministry is a ministry to teach and train up worshipers in the Praise Dance,flags , the word & banner  arena.  Ministering in the word to build your spirit, to know and understand what Praise & worship with Dance & banners can do in the sanctuary of the church, and the sanctuary of you heart.   

Using all types of praise tools, such as flags, banners, billows, and  glory rings and the blowing of the Shofar. These tools help in setting up the atmosphere of worship for the ministers, before they bring the word. I have been ministering in the churches for many years to help them build their dance teams or minister in there church meetings, or conferences.  Using the Word as my guide and the Holy Spirit as my teacher, we have seen many be blesed beyond measure. God has allowed me  to be blessed with the gift of Healing. While the ministry time of worship or the word is going on Holy Spirit is revealing to me  about healings that are taking place. This is a very real happening to those that receive from the Father.

peggy20160814_172305-1A prophetic word was given to me;  You have been declared as a visual demonstrator of Gods Glory.  This has surly come to pass. As I enter an assignment God will give me the Vision for the type of decorating & design, or banner, or garment to prepare. Also while we minister in the dance He reveals the prophetic movements to make to the music. As I minister The Lord will often give me a person that needs healing. So I go and minister to them and bring comfort and care from the Father

I promise a mantel of worship will be poured out as I  minister for you.

Blessings of Abraham, Minster Peggy Willis
Contact us to schedule her for your next  event. 281-485-3151

Watch Her Interview:


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