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HIGHLIGHTS | President Trump Signs an Executive Order Advancing American Kidney Health

HIGHLIGHTS | President Trump Signs an Executive Order Advancing American Kidney Health


President Trump is determined to provide Americans suffering from kidney disease the best treatment in the world.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “For these patients, their loved ones, and for the impacted — all those impacted by kidney disease — I’m here to say: We are fighting by your side, and we’re determined to get you the best treatment anywhere in the world. And we’ve made a lot of progress. We are with you every step of the way.”

10 Americans die every day waiting for new kidneys. To prevent this, President Trump’s executive order will increase the supply of kidney-available transplants.

PRESIDEN TRUMP: “In a few moments, I’ll sign an executive order taking vital steps to increase the supply of kidney-available transplants. This action will also dramatically improve prevention and treatment of this life-threatening illness, while making life better and longer for millions of Americans. It’s a tremendous thing that’s happening.”

PRESIDEN TRUMP: “Roughly 100,000 Americans are currently awaiting a kidney donation. Every day, 10 of our fellow citizens die waiting. Many, many people are dying while they wait.”

PRESIDEN TRUMP: “We’ll do everything we can to increase the supply. And we’ll be able to do that, and very substantially, in terms of the available kidneys and getting Americans off these waitlists so they can lead a full and healthy and happy life. That’s the best answer of all.”

To improve kidney disease treatment, Medicare providers will be encouraged to diagnose and treat patients earlier, allow for home care, and increase the rate of transplants.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Today, we’re also taking important steps to improve kidney disease treatment and prevention. We will be changing the way that we reimburse Medicare providers, encouraging them to diagnose and treat patients earlier — very important, the word “earlier” — allow for home care; and increase the rate of transplants.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Crucially, our new system will ensure that more patients undergoing dialysis can do so from the comfort of their own home. And doing this from the home is a dramatic, long-overdue reform — something that people have been asking for for many, many years.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Right now, only 12 percent of patients on dialysis receive care at home. My executive order will change that and reduce cost, transform care, and greatly improve the quality of life for kidney patients all across the nation.”

To incentivize kidney donations, individuals who donate will be granted reimbursements for any extra expenses incurred.

PRESIDEN TRUMP: “That’s why my order supports the selfless individuals who donate kidneys by granting them reimbursement for extra expenses associated with organ donation, such as lost wages and childcare.”

Rules that govern organ procurement organizations are being updated to ensure available kidneys reach patients quickly.

PRESIDEN TRUMP: “Secondly, we are revising the rules of governing organ procurement organizations. So the organ procurement organizations are going to have rules which really ensure available kidneys and that they reach waiting patients as quickly as possible, because oftentimes they just don’t make it in time. There are cases where they have to be there immediately; they have a certain period of time. They don’t make it in time. We are going to make it so that it gets there in time.”

As a result of these reforms, an estimated 28,000 additional Americans could receive kidney, heart, lung, and liver transplants.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “By streamlining rules to help patients and by incentivizing the supply of kidneys — very substantially incentivizing, I have to add — an estimated 17,000 additional Americans could receive kidneys that they desperately need. We think that’s going to happen. We think that number is very doable, and it could even be higher than that.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “In addition, up to 11,000 more Americans could receive heart, lung, and liver transplants annually. So, heart, lung, and liver. That would be up to 28,000 American lives saved every year, and that number could be quite a bit higher if it works the way we anticipate it to work.”

President Trump’s policies on kidney transplants are expected to save up to $4.2 billion a year for patients, families, and taxpayers.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Because a kidney transplant costs much less than prolonged dialysis — which is an incredible thing — the ultimate is the kidney transplant, and the cost is far less when you think about it. It makes a lot of sense in so many ways. Our policies will save up to $4.2 billion a year for patients, families, and taxpayers. That’s an incredible thing.”

Private enterprises will be encouraged to partner with the government and work towards the development of artificial kidneys.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Finally, this executive order — such an important executive order — encourages private enterprises to partner with government to achieve incredible medical breakthroughs. We are going to prioritize a truly transformative goal: the development of an artificial kidney.”


The Trump Administration is increasing healthcare transparency, allowing patients to make informed health decisions that are right for them.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “To give patients the ability to choose the best doctor at the best price, we’re giving you the right to know the price and quality of healthcare services before you purchase care — something that you were not able to do. We’re giving you transparency. And that is something that some people think will be, in many ways, bigger than healthcare. It’s going to be an enormous thing. We signed the bill a month ago, and the regulations are being worked out right now. And I assume you’re going to have them done quickly.”

President Trump is fighting to secure a $500 million investment in new treatments and cures for childhood cancers.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’re working with Congress to develop a 500-million-dollar investment in new treatments and cures for childhood cancers.”

The Trump Administration launched a campaign to end the HIV epidemic in America within the next 10 years.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “And we’ve launched a campaign to end HIV/AIDS epidemic throughout America. We think that within a fairly short number of years, like 10, we will have that epidemic totally under control. And if you would’ve said that two years ago, people would’ve said, “There’s no possible way.”

The Trump Administration is expanding affordable health plans for millions of Americans and protecting patients with preexisting conditions.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’re expanding affordable insurance options for millions of American workers through association health plans, short-term plans, and health reimbursement arrangements. Some of the options are 60 percent less expensive than what you have today, or, I should say, probably a year or two ago.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “And we will always protect patients with preexisting conditions. It’s an absolute fact. It’s done. The Republican Party will protect patients with preexisting conditions.”

President Trump is working with Congress to end surprise medical billing.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’re working with Congress to stop surprise medical billing because no American should be blindsided by medical bills to services that they never agreed to in advance.”

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