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Google’s Shenanigans! Changing Algorithms to Deceive Public

Washington DC – July 31, 2019 – Report By:  Dr. June Knight

Google is using their power for Satanic purposes. They changed the algorithms to agree with their Satanic agenda. Google “Is Homosexuality a sin?” “Is LGBTQ a sin in the Bible” etc. You will see it will NOT be the truth. It will show preachers who have partnered with that agenda.

Another great example is redefining the word PATRIOT. How sad is this!

Look at this warning from a Professor:

We all know that the majority of society uses Google as a Bible. They search for all their answers on this medium. If they change the algorithms and provide false answers to society, it may affect it in a terrible way – just as this professor noted. They are using this medium to inform the public what they want them to know. Consider how they are censoring the conservative/Christian voices on all mediums such as social media. It’s all coming together to eventually change historical and current voices to pursued society to believe their agenda.
Be sober and alert Bride.


Dr. June Knight is a White House Correspondent. She has published seven (7) books and can be purchased at  Dr. June holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Master’s Degree in Corporate Communications with Minor in Mass Communications and a Doctor in Theology. Dr. June spent six (6) years traveling the country, serving ministries and assisting them to achieve their goals in marketing and communications. She trained teams across this country on how to do media and best practices in communicating their visions from God. Due to her extensive travels, raising three children who are called of the Lord, went to bible college with two of those children, and interviewing over 400 ministers across this country; Dr. June now provides a voice in the governmental sphere about Christianity viewpoints. Dr. June covers news and interests mainly from the White House and the Department of State.  The Lord sent her to Washington DC on October 9, 2018 with $9.00 and a suitcase on the Greyhound Bus. The Lord has taken care of her ever since. Now he has supplied her with a beautiful apartment, new furniture, car, clothes, new TV equipment, and all she needs to accomplish the mission here in Washington DC. If you would like to donate to help her continue being a voice for the Christians in the White House, please donate here.

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