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Office of the Press Secretary
July 31, 2019


“Our success depends on a coalition of strong and independent nations that embrace their sovereignty to promote security, prosperity, and peace for themselves and for the world.” – President Donald J. Trump

ENHANCING OUR STRONG PARTNERSHIP: President Donald J. Trump is expanding our critical security and economic partnership with Mongolia.
-President Trump was pleased to welcome President Battulga of Mongolia for a bilateral meeting at the White House today.
-This visit presents a vital opportunity to enhance the already strong United States–Mongolia relationship.
      -The United States supported Mongolia’s establishment of a free democratic society after renouncing communism in 1990, creating a foundation of goodwill that remains today.
 -President Trump and President Battulga are engaging on a range of issues, including defense and security, trade and investment, and sovereignty and rule of law.
      -We are working closely with Mongolia to deepen our security ties and promote a healthy economic relationship between our two countries.
The United States and Mongolia have agreed that their relationship has reached the level of a “strategic partnership.”

STRENGTHENING SECURITY COOPERATION: Mongolia is an important security partner and is working with us to sustain a free and open Indo-Pacific region.
-Mongolia and the United States share a dynamic security relationship and together we are building an even closer partnership for the future.
-Mongolian troops stood side-by-side with American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.
      -Mongolia has pledged to commit troops in Afghanistan through at least 2021.
-Mongolia has been supportive of our sanctions on North Korea and our negotiation efforts.
-Through its “Third Neighbor Policy” Mongolia looks to maintain close ties to democratic partners like the United States, Japan, and South Korea.
-The United States enjoys a strong diplomatic information sharing relationship with the government of Mongolia.
-Mongolia has been an important host for multinational peacekeeping and security exercises.

EXPANDING ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES: The United States is working closely with Mongolia to bolster economic opportunities and increase bilateral trade.
-In 2018, the United States had a $111 million trade surplus with Mongolia, reflecting the significant importance of the country as an export market for American goods such as automobiles and heavy machinery.
-We are urging Mongolia to fully implement the 2017 transparency agreement between our two countries, which will help improve Mongolia’s business and investment climate.
-The United States is working with Mongolia to improve opportunities for investment, invest in infrastructure, and enhance education.
      -The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is working to help increase transparency and provide greater access to finance in Mongolia.
      -In 2018, Mongolia signed a $350 million compact with the Millennium Challenge Corporation that aims to improve water supply infrastructure in Mongolia’s capital.
      -The Peace Corps has volunteers working in 21 provinces in Mongolia to provide health education and English language instruction, and plans to increase its presence.

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