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President Trump Pushes Vaccine for Everyone by January 2021 “Operation Warp Speed”

Atlanta, GA. May 3, 2020. Report by: Dr. June Knight

Breaking News President Trump has a goal to have everyone a vaccine by January 2021! According to this article he has a group working on this…

According to New York Times,

Mr. Trump said he was personally in charge of “Operation Warp Speed” to get 300 million doses into American arms by January.

Already, the administration has identified 14 vaccine projects it intends to focus on, a senior administration official said, with the idea of further narrowing the group to a handful that could go on, with government financial help and accelerated regulatory review, to meet Mr. Trump’s goal. The winnowing of the projects to 14 was reported Friday by NBC News.

This explains why he’s been talking lately about the fourth quarter of this year is going to be a shift and next year is going to be booming!

President Trump boasts that he is the one who is solely in charge of this “warp speed” plan. This is his answer with the New Jersey Governor Murphy on April 30, 2020:

Q Mr. President, on operation — on this vaccine operation, “Warp Speed,” who’s in charge of that? And are you overpromising when you say you’re going to have 300 million doses of vaccine in eight months?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I’m not over-promising. I don’t know who said it, but whatever the maximum is, whatever you can humanly do, we’re going to have. And we hope we’re going to come up with a good vaccine.

Johnson & Johnson and Oxford and lots of different great companies, representatives of our country in some time- — in some ways. NIH is working very hard and doing a terrific job. No, I hope we’re going to have a vaccine, and we’re going to fast-track it like you’ve never seen before, if we come up with a vaccine. I think they probably will

Q And who is in charge of that Operation Warp Speed?

THE PRESIDENT: We have — you know who is in charge of it? Honestly? I am. I’ll tell you, I’m really in charge of it. I could say somebody else. I will say, we’re dealing with, as you know, the General and the Admiral. They’re very much in charge. But I think probably, more than anything, I’m in charge. And I’m the one that gets blamed. And I get blamed anyway.

Don’t forget, if we come up with a vaccine in record time, they’ll say I should have done it faster. But we have a lot of good — a lot of good possibilities. Like the Gilead yesterday, that was a big thing. That was a big thing. And as explained — and I think very importantly, that was a step. You know, that was a big step: 31 percent step. But the step means, I guess, Deborah — what Tony, yesterday, was explaining — the step means you now take another step, another. All of a sudden, you’re up to 50, 60, 70. But that was a very positive — that was a big step, as I understand it. .

Watch video here with Dr. Fauci explaining Operation “Warp Speed”.

Get ready Bride. 2020 is the year of transition in the United States from the old order to the new order.

This is the time to talk to your family and prepare them for what is coming.

I must refer you to the interview I conducted with Celeste Solum who explain’s FEMA’s agenda of vaccination:


Dr. June Knight is a White House Correspondent. She has published seven (7) books and can be purchased at  Dr. June holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Master’s Degree in Corporate Communications with Minor in Mass Communications and a Doctor in Theology. Dr. June spent six (6) years traveling the country, serving ministries and assisting them to achieve their goals in marketing and communications. She trained teams across this country on how to do media and best practices in communicating their visions from God. Due to her extensive travels, raising three children who are called of the Lord, went to bible college with two of those children, and interviewing over 400 ministers across this country; Dr. June now provides a voice in the governmental sphere about Christianity viewpoints. Dr. June covers news and interests mainly from the White House and the Department of State

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