Bride Time Live America Presents Bride Time LIVE – Dr. June Knight Interview with Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss

Washington DC – On Sunday, May 19, 2019

About Dr. Lydia:

Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss , is a US Army Veteran Daughter, Tribal, Jewish and from Hispanic descent. She is a pioneer and forerunner in many ways. DRoss is nationally recognized for her work and professionally serves a conduit consultant and political advocate on behalf of the Hispanic -Jewish and Indigenous Tribal global community. She has 30 years expertise as a seminary or conference national and global speaker on women issues and concerns about nations that suffer economic poverties due to abuse of political powers. As a former home school mother for special needs and public education teacher, she understand that prochoice education is the only way a child can fully develop.

DRoss has a earned Master’s Degree from the School of Government in Public Administration and Homeland Defense against Terrorism in Emergency Management. As a Regent University summer student, she was humble to reside in Israel with Professor Dr. Jay Sekulow about the Nation of Israel and Middle East Conflicts.(2009)

Prior to earning her master’s, she was humbled to receive 66 honor credits towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Physiology Psychology with a minor in Special Education.(2000) She received a scholarship at Regent University to pursue higher education in the doctoral program of Organizational Leadership. Due to unforeseen circumstances, after one year in the program, she gave up her scholarship due to immediate family members, her sister passing of 5 year battle with cancer, and her sister husband, a pastor of a local community, passing due to sudden cancer, leaving two small children behind. Two years later, she was approached by a representative of the United Nation Interfaith Peace Building Initiatives and world renown World Civility Founder, Dr. Clyde Rivers, Ambassador to the President of Burundi Africa, presenting her with a honorary doctorate degree in Humanities, from the School of Philosophy from the United Graduate College of Theology, Burundi Africa. When Prophet Dr. Rivers  prophesied over Lydia, the Lord told him that she needed this degree of honor because the Lord has a seat for her in government public office. A confirmation of another prophesy full-filled that was given to her by Dr. Cindy Jacobs in 2012, that the Lord called her not only to be a voice on behalf of the Latino community but also to be involved in government office.

For the past 3 decades, Lydia has been a public servant in the seven mountain areas without having a degree. Having served on the Board of Directors on many of the most impacting ministries in both America and throughout the world.

Lydia is gifted as pioneer and anointed as a firestarter where she goes. She follows the leading of the Holy Spirit and her heart passion is to see the body of Christ in their positions and posts to get the job done!  Lydia pulls people from all walks of life and encourages them to move forward. Called by God as a “Holy Ghost” switch board operator and able to do more than one thing at time- prophesied over by Dr. Sharon Stone that Lydia was called to bring an Army together that covered the sea!  Most recent prophetic was that she was to gather the Sepahric of Latin America of Zion and the Tribal Indigenous people together and sit with Kings, Presidents and Leaders of this world with the gathering of the Apostles and Prophets to change the environmental and economic atmosphere. This can not be done without sacrifice.

It was during that time where she was publicly introduce by Rabbi Curt Landry of One New Man Embassy that she and her husband are Apostles. Three months later, during the Jewish feasts, she was imparted by the Holy Spirit, a fire in her belly. A week after that encounter, she was contacted by HAPN Chairman, Dr John Benefiel that the Lord told him that it was time to be commissioned as an Apostle. Two weeks later, while Lydia was seeing God’s hand in her life, preparing her what was about to burst, Lydia witnessed supernatural wonders, signs and miracles and experience them herself. Later God tells her, you have seen nothing yet.  During the HAPN annual conference and commission, and receiving her apostolic sword, Dee Ann Ward, National Director of HAPN prophesied to Lydia and said “the Holy Spirit said you are my breathing fire, a fire starter where you go.”  Just as God said, it was done.

As a pioneer and anointed as a firestarter, Lydia has birthed many projects and helped many people accomplish their dreams and business pursuits. She activates people who desire to pursue government leadership positions, business activation and even goes to the marketplace to see people healed and delivered.

Lydia is marveled in what God has done in her life and what her future holds. She recently was in D.C attending the National Day of Prayer events and facilitating the White House Prayer for Our Nations as their Communication Director.  She received a prophetic word from Dr. Clyde Rivers that she still has a seat in political atmosphere but it was time to go the nations. Dr. Rivers had no idea that plans were in the works for Lydia to speak in Colombia, Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and other places. Lydia self funds her ministry as Creator of the US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce and subsidaries. God gave her this idea because many conservative business women have no place to go after the US Women Chamber of Commerce announced endorsement to Hillary Clinton, who does not fear God.

Apostle Lydia is a survivor of sorts. Four attempts have been towards her life. Two towards her only son and two towards her husband.  God told her she was his “Stealth Warrior” and it was time to bring the Karos and Kronos merging together!. Dick Mills prophesied to her Rev 3 that no one will be able to shut her door or open it, stumble it nor stifle it. “

Lydia loves people and she is passion in love with Yeshua. Lydia has so many testimonies of what can do and what he is going to do as 2020 approaches. God has allowed her to meet very influential leaders and write about it.

Since 1987 D’Ross is humbled to receive numerous awards for her work and pioneering spirit -from leading national organizations, military and including recognition from the President of the United States. D’Ross is humbled to receive  nomination for “Madam President” from the Tulsa League of Women Voters and was honored in 2014 Women of Distinction from Tulsa Business Legal News, Congressional and Governor Mary Fallin for pioneering the Hispanic Youth Government Civic Council, GGA Hispanic Diplomat Ambassador Award; iCN UN Interfaith Peace Golden Rule Award and foreign relations delegates appreciation and more than 50 prestigious awards for public servant leadership work.

In a nutshell, Apostle Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss is a global and national conference speaker, minister of government activation and grassroots activist. She represents as the voice on behalf of Sephardic Nations and annually leads the Sephardic Nations Global Hispanic prayer conference call during the week of National Day of Prayer, Night watch prayer along with renowned national leaders.

Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss is the creator of US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce and its subsidiaries.  Recognized  as a Commissioned Apostle from the One New Man Network and Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network. She represents as the voice on behalf of Sephardic Nations and annually leads a global Hispanic prayer conference call during the week of National Day of Prayer with renowned national leaders.

Having served on the Board of Directors on many of the most impacting ministries in both America and throughout the world.

Leadership Appointments:  Chief Latin Adviser Ambassador, iChange Nations, serving at the pleasure of the President Dr. Clyde Rivers

Founder, Hispanic Division Art of Honor “Awardees”

US Nat’l Hispanic Director for the United States National Prayer Council

AZ State Leader, National Governor’s Prayer Team

Int’l Ambassador of Women Affairs-FAAVM -Canada

USA Ambassador, Certificate of Appointment Child Abuse Prevention Global Programme for “My Body is My Body.”

National Day of Prayer Maricopa Area Leader

White House National Faith Leader

Former Appointments:

BGEA  OK State Media Chair, America Decision Tour

CFAN OK State Media Chair for Reinhard Bonnke USA Last Crusade

Appointed Nat’l Board of Directors, NHCLC, President Samuel Rodriquez,  9yrs

Appointed OK State Hispanic Leadership Director, CUFI, Dr. John Hagee 9yrs

Appointed OK State Senate Majority Commissioner, Oklahoma Status of Women  5 yrs

Appointed by City of Tulsa/ County of Tulsa; Greater Tulsa Hispanic Commission: Chair 7 yrs

GOP Elected D1 State Committeewoman (Overseer of 400K Constituents) 3yrs

Board Adviser, National Hispanic Advisory Council, US House Speaker Newt Gingrich

Former Nominee State House of Representative

National Faith Engagement Director, RNHA

Legislative Analyst, Senator James Battin (CA-R)

Co-Founder and VP National Hispanic Newspaper and Broadcast (OK)

Hispanic Action Network of The Black Robe Regiment,

Chair, Bureau of Indian Affairs Child Protection Team

Foreign Delegate International Social Services


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