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WATB.tv Presents Dr. June Dawn Knight Interview With Dr. Millard Box, Almost 100 years old – General in the Kingdom!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dr. June Dawn Knight

Interview in Picayune, Mississippi

With Pastors Millard & Rachel Box

From Fairhope Alabama

This interview took place in Mark Gambino’s home in Picayune, Mississippi. Other ministers sat for the interview and asked Dr. Box vital questions about ministry. He was born in 1916! He was a Baptist preacher and God showed Himself strong and filled him with the Holy Ghost!  He’s been in ministry for 84 years and saved for 90 years!   Great interview!

About Dr. Millard Box:

Dr. Millard B. Box started his ministry pastoring small rural churches in Southwest Missouri. He has led congregations in four states and preached in conferences all over the world. He refuses to retire. He still preaches regularly, and he practices what he is preaching — a lifestyle based on the Word of God. His approach to life, in his own words, is simply this:

We have been taught to believe that 70 or 80 years is the limit of life, and when most of us draw near that age, our thoughts are filled with dire and dreadful pictures. We make our wills, buy our caskets, make sure we have health insurance, and set all our energies to fight our last enemy, death.

In the Bible kind of life, there is no retirement, and the older a saint of God becomes, the more important he or she is in matters of the kingdom. They should be sought out for Godly wisdom — and if we older ones do not change, then the youth will become like us in the next generation, and God help the world if that happens.

Watch the Interview:

 Interview with Dr. June

Dr. Box Preaching at Mark Gambino’s House that night:


Dr. Box Preaching at World Outreach Revival Center:

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