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WATB.tv Presents Dr. June Knight – #DCreport – Various Updates from DC – October 19, 2018

10-19-18 – Washington DC – This is a report on my activities of 10/19/18.

Bride, the Lord gave me an assignment today. Please pray as I walk the ENTIRE BORDER of the White House praying a hedge of protection of that place. I will pray a wall of fire from the core of the Earth to the heavens and angels to surround that building! God is bringing the reinforcements spiritually to the White House and our President! I will combat the Satanic assault and witchcraft attack against him and his mission!


Dr. June Knight — feeling determined at The White House.

Ok Bride. I lost this hotel because they wanted $250 incidental money because I don’t have a credit card. I am going on to the White House and I will just drag this luggage around with me! The devil is a liar! I have wasted 6 hours today just waiting on provision!!!!! I can only take so much! I’m not superwoman! I am human! I will still obey the Lord and still stay here! The devil is not winning!!!! I just need more faith!!!! God help me! So now this money is held up! I’m trying Bride I’m trying!!!! Please pray for me!


Look what God did! Here I am all mad about the shaninigans of the devil today and robbing me of my blessing. I’m in the Lyft car sitting next to this lady. My best friend calls to encourage me. I’m listening to her when Holy Spirit says, “Give this woman your diamond ring.” So I dig in my purse and gave it to her! Is God funny or what! I just made it to White House!!! I’m about to pray!!! And yes I’m dragging around this 50 lb luggage!

I started my time around the White House with the Bride LIVE.

Story – I was on the walk praying around the White House and I have my dream Center bag on top of my suitcase and this man stopped me and said, “excuse me are you with the Dream Center?” I said no and he asked me why I was dragging my luggage and I told him it was to pray for the President and to seal the White House.

He begins to tell me some things going on in his life and he asked me to pray for him. I followed the leading of the Holy Ghost and asked him if I could pray healing in his jaw. So I prayed for him and the word of the Lord over this man is that he has greatness on the inside of him and I called it out!

He goes to Church of the Highlands in Birmingham AL.

What a blessing to pray for people!!!


My Encounter with LDS Executive

Story: After finishing the mission of Praying for the White House, I was so exhausted so I sat on the benches facing the White House. I’m really just wanting to roll off the bench LOL.

Well this man is sitting on bench next to me and we began talking (not hard for me to do lol)…and he told me he is with the Church of Latter Day Saints. He then moves over there by me because he wanted me to understand his religion. I honestly listened to his point of view and asked questions about certain key points etc.

So we had a very good theological debate about our faiths but I started freezing lol. So I’m listening to him (he would have talked all night) but I just told him, “Sir I am so tired and I have got to go and get a hotel room. Please forgive me.” So I happily booked the cheapest hotel room for two nights. Man I was so excited to get there! The biggest challenge I’ve had is lugging this luggage all over the city lol.

So I use my Lyft app to get a ride and come to find out it is an hour away at a whopping $66!!!! I’m like what? So this businessman sees me distressed over how I will get there. He suggests Uber. So Uber was only $35. The man turns around and sends me $35 through PayPal!!! He paid my way to hotel!

He gave me his Mormon bible to read with a $10 bill in it! Then he dragged my heavy bags to my stop which was 3 blocks away. He says, “What in the world is in this bag? This is heavy!” I reply, “Try dragging that all around the White House!” Lol

This sweet man stayed with me (it was like 8 pm by now) and carried my luggage and loads in the Uber. He waves by as I left! What a gentleman!!!! He is an executive for the LDS.

We prayed for one another and it was truly an honor to meet him and learn more about his religion!

God is so amazing!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️💙🇺🇸




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