Dr. June Interviews America DC

WATB.tv Presents Dr. June Knight – #DCreport – Various Updates from DC – October 17, 2018

10-17-18 – Washington DC – This is a report on my activities of 10/17/18.

As you can tell by the above post, I encountered spiritual warfare today over my housing!

Me asking for a miracle.

Story: Leaving hotel I met this veteran. He had his cute dog with him. He explains that he needs a kidney. I asked him if I could pray for him. I did and he gave me a $4 donation! How awesome is God! Please pray his name to be back on kidney list or healed! God help our veterans!

This is my new hotel!

My Interview Style

God blessed me today with another spiritual son. He is a pastor in Texas! 🙂

This day has been adventurous.

Muslim Rally at White House

As you can tell when I interviewed them that their agenda is to lure the black people away from Christianity and towards Islam. By them stating that black people are not African-American, etc., they are trying to convince the black race that their heritage is with the Islam religion. I also asked them about their masonic symbolism on their shirts, etc. Their hats look like the Shriner’s. I believe it is all related or they wouldn’t be wearing it.

This is why I did the broadcast explaining my interview style because I will be interviewing people of different religions, etc.





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