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WATB.tv Presents Dr. June Knight – #DCreport – Supreme Court & Fairmont Washington Hotel – October 11, 2018 Report

10-11-18 – Washington DC – Today a ministry sponsored four more nights hotel at Fairmont Washington! It is on the NorthWest side of the city. The hotel yesterday was on the West side. I believe he is placing me strategically across this city. This ministry wishes to remain anonymous.

An amazing thing happened this morning! God rebuked me in my dream and told me I needed to get my body under submission to his will, which is self-discipline. I quickly repented (what can you do when he corrects you but admit your sin). So I told the Lord that if he will pay for my food and exercise places that I will workout and eat right!

Announcement to the Bride

I created a television show in 2016 called TOSS – The Original State Show. It did great until Trump was elected and the team fell apart. Then my mom died right after so I got way off track. Up until that point I lost 50 pounds in six (6) months! So, when God rebuked me then I knew what he meant!


Today I went to the Supreme Court and spent all day interviewing and exploring. The first group I saw were protesters. They were in the #metoo movement and Democrats. It was four people – three women and one man. They were on Yoga mats. One was stretching their bodies to their gods (If you study Yoga you discover this is what is a part of that process), and one was holding signs. The other was just sitting there. I walked over while I was LIVE:

Supreme Court:

About Protesters:

The protesters said they were protesting the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.  At one point they were all doing Yoga and New Age things. While I am interviewing the Jesus Lady, I see them out of the corner of my eye in meditation position and they were humming in unison, then cursing and yelling out Kavanaugh’s name. They were literally chanting and cursing him! This is what people are attached to when they support the Democrats. Christians…we cannot do this! This is Satanic to the core! Detach from this filth!

These Christians who think the Democrats are so holy, then why are they cursing a Christian nominee and why do so-called Christians support this? It cannot be so.

Jesus Lady!

After I met the protesters, I noticed the Jesus statue right behind them. As I approached the gentleman standing next to it, he began telling me about an amazing woman! He said she is 90 years old and inside the Supreme Court at the moment.

Her name is Rita Warren. She is from Italy. As I interviewed her she explains to the Bride that she came to America 40 years ago after a German came to her home in Italy and tried to kill her. She explained how he came in her house and shot her best friend right in front of her and then when he pointed the gun at her face she threw her hands up in the air and screamed, “Jesus!” When she did that his gun would not work. It clicked and nothing happened! WOW!

Now she came to the United States and began praying for our government! So, for forty years she has sowed prayers and her skills into our nation’s capitol! Hear her story here!

Another Interview by Roll Call:

Meet Capitol Hill’s ‘Jesus Lady’: A Consistent Presence Since 1979

She told me that Jesus has fell down the Supreme Court steps many times and it does not scratch him! As you will hear in the interview, God told her to place him at the Supreme Court. It’s not that she worships statues, it’s a reminder of Jesus to the public. It is definitely an attention-getter. Which, this reminds of another story:

I am sitting with her when a man walks near us. I knew he was a Warlock – high priest of the Satanic Church or something. He had a very dark presence. He had a t-shirt on that had a skeleton on it and a pentagram necklace.  He was screaming curses at God and country. When he arrived n front of us this 90-year old woman looked at him and said, “Do you have a problem sir?” LOL. I was rolling. He totally ignored her and walked off. He couldn’t look at Jesus! I asked her about her boldness and she let me know that she is not afraid of anyone! Jesus is with her! What an amazing woman. She also told me that her husband died many years ago. They were married 55 years and she misses him greatly. What an amazing woman!

Then I meet the guy that was standing in for her while she was in the restroom.

He is with an organization called DC for Jesus.  He explained his ministry’s vision as well.  They are big into house church movement. They are also big into evangelism. Look at their tract! This is pretty cool!

This is on his Facebook page:

DC FOR JESUS “Any time, Any place, Any way; Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”  DC FOR JESUS is focused in Christ and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Any time, Any place, Any way in Washington DC metro area. Our Mission is to Glorify God with our lives by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Washington DC area. DC FOR JESUS is committed to supporting, encouraging and strengthening every person to a relationship with God our Lord Jesus Christ. We Glorify God primarily by living godly lives, teaching and preaching the Word of God, hosting conferences, networking, and producing videos.

God commands everyone to REPENT and BELIEVE in JESUS CHRIST.

Are you a Christian?

If Yes, CALL US – We want to talk with you.

If No, CALL US – We want to talk with you.


We want to pray for you. Please send us an email DCFORJESUS@gmail.com
or call (202) 556-0094 to find out how we can serve YOU today!

Cross Carrier in DC Interview

Random Posts:

Prayer at the Supreme Court!

God has revealed one of the strategies of the Devil in our country’s capitol is to send demonic-filled people to release Satanic vomit onto our nation’s sacred institutions! These people walk by and just scream out obscenities and curse God. So, as I’m sitting in front of this fountain I’m feeling the charge to renounce all those words and to call them null and void. We do not accept that in this Christian nation! The Devil is a liar!

Interview with Tour Guide in DC About Trump’s Inauguration 2017

This lady explains to the Bride that the mainstream media totally blew it out of proportion about Trump’s inauguration. She said it was very peaceful and she encourages the Bride to not listen to them.

Pictures Inside Supreme Court

#DCreports by Dr. June Knight

Notes from Dr. June:

Bride, today was amazing! The fact that I am able to go into the Supreme Court and take pictures! WOW! Then to be able to sit in a lecture to learn about how they do things is amazing too! I also went to the office to find out how to get my media company into their building! God is moving Bride! Then for God to put me in one of the most expensive hotel resorts in the same area that Obama and Hilary live? WOW! This is the side of town where all the politicians live. It’s the most expensive side of DC and God put me here for four days! Amazing!  Thank you for your prayers! Love you!





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