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WATB.tv Presents Dr. June Knight – #DCreport – White House Reports & Washington Hilton Hotel – October 10, 2018 Report

10-10-18 – Washington DC – Today a ministry sponsored two nights hotel at Washington Hilton! It is on the West side of the city. The hotel yesterday was on the North side. Is God taking me all around the White House in a circle to take territory? Is he doing just like he did when he asked me to travel the entire country in 2017 on the MAGA Revival tour! I circled the entire border and prayed for the country and now he’s taken me to the nucleus of the circle – the nation’s capitol!

So while I’m here I’m reporting what he shows me and interviewing people from all over the city! #DCreports

Today I went to the White House and met many people! See the videos below:

I interviewed a lady who is an evangelist and she ran for President in 2016. Now she stands in front of the White House in heels and preaches/gives speeches for like 5-6 hours! She holds a microphone and it connects to a megaphone. She reads the word as well. I filmed her in action! I admire her tenacity and boldness to declare Jesus in front of all the protesters. You will see her on this video! Also, notice the guy that is demon-possessed sitting in front of her with his microphone and megaphone! He shouts while she’s preaching and he’s cussing God and country. He said things like, “Who would serve a God who sends people to Hell? I don’t believe that! Then he was making fun of us Christians, etc. It was just demonic.

I also interviewed a very interesting man who is fighting for 9/11 victims. His best friend died in the towers and now he is fighting to build a network to help them all connect who were affected by the terrible tragedy! I spent the majority of the afternoon with him. It was divine appointment. I was able to speak into his life and encourage him not to give up (he is homeless in DC although he has a home in his state). He said he is here in obedience to God and God tells him to sit in front of the White House at night and pray and he only gets about 3 hours of sleep! He explained about the homeless shelters in DC. He also gave me a word of the Lord and said, “You will have a church of your own one day.” I know this to be true. I told him it will be a center. I was honored to spend time with my fellow soldier.



Random White House Video:

White House Photos:

I was so shocked to see that God had blessed me with another 4-star hotel! This is the Washington Hilton on the West side of town! This means I’ve went from the North to the West! A ministry paid two nights through Priceline’s Express Deal hotel option of $100 a night! Thank you to Bethel Fellowship USA in Maryland!!

Look at this Hotel!

Written on POST: Bride!!! Look at my 2nd hotel! It’s on the West side of DC! A ministry in Maryland paid 2 nights at $100 a night from Priceline’s surprise hotel!!! I’m at the Washington Hilton!!!! I’m in awe!! It is so beautiful!!!

I’m thinking God is going to have me strategically all around the city to pray and take territory!!! We will see but he may take me East for the weekend! Lol.

If you are a ministry and want to sponsor me housing just go through Priceline and book it through those surprise hotels! They are $99 a night!!! Just tell me where to go LOL.

Stories: The lady in this picture is from Egypt. She is a Muslim. She explains how she knows all about Christianity and I tried to tell her that Jesus is real and about Heaven and Hell. She just asked me to pray for her. So please pray for Dina. She also invited me to visit her country! She said it’s beautiful and it is getting better there for Christians. She is here on business.

The next guy is from China. He was here on vacation and is flying back to Beijing today. I asked him if he wanted me to pray for him. He said yes please. So I prayed that God will reveal himself to him etc. When I finished he was crying. I asked him if he had Jesus in his heart and he said yes. He hugged me twice!

Then I get in the elevator and met two beautiful women from Africa! My Uber driver is from Venezuela! I love meeting these people from all over the world!

Ok Bride, I’m going to the White House to pray. I’ll go LIVE there.
#DClife #TakingTerritory #ChristianNation

This is the Hotel God blessed Dr. June with the 2nd & 3rd Night!

A Special Blessing

#DCreports by Dr. June Knight

Riding through DC on 10/09/18 as I arrived:


Notes from Dr. June:

Bride, I truly enjoyed meeting all the people around the White House today.  I talked to Congressmen, Secret Service guys, etc. It was just amazing hearing all the different opinions of Americans. One businessman I met in McDonalds we had different opinions as to Trump’s second term. I told him that the Christians have him surrounded in prayer and the Democrats cannot take him out! I was serious about it! He was doubting it and saying they were going to try to impeach him. It was just neat hearing other people’s opinions.

This video is at the White House when President was Leaving!

Bride, it was really neat watching how the Secret Service protects the president! When he walks to the North side of  the White House (say it’s where we were all standing), they make everyone back up! We had to get off the pavement like now! They do not play around! I was so proud!

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