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WATB.tv Presents Dr. June Knight – #DCreport – David’s Tent DC Visit – Monaco Hotel – October 9, 2018 Report

10-09-18 – Washington DC – When I arrived in DC, I immediately traveled by Uber to David’s Tent. DT is located at the National Mall. David’s Tent is a literal tent setup with 24/7 worship by people from all over the country. People register on their website and travel here to have their spot on the national platform. It’s really an honor!

As I arrived I had the honor to interview one of the volunteers:

The volunteer informed me that they have been going for three years now! They move all over the mall according to the Park’s availability. How awesome is it that they can do this!! However, please pray because they say that the enemy is trying to take it from them…so let’s pray it will not be successful!

While I was there a man walked by in an army uniform as was screaming at the tent. He screamed obscenities at God and the tent! He is obviously very angry!  I asked the volunteer about it and she said he does that every day and they just pray for him! How sad is that?



On the sides of the tent they have a book for people to sign from all over the world. When I was in there, I met four girls from South Korea! They said people come from all over the world just to worship there!

#DCreports by Dr. June Knight

This is the Hotel God blessed Dr. June with the 1st Night!

Amazing Story in Monaco Hotel!

Story: first I just want to praise God because every person he put to take care of me has been Christians! My bus drivers, Uber, Hotel person taking me in and gave me favor with upgrade, then my room service lady!

This lady comes in and begins asking me all kinds of questions! Come to find out! We both went to same school to get our theology degree!!!! Wow! Alumni???!!! So we pray together after she finds out why God brought me here.

She tells me she has a one bedroom apartment and told me how she wants to move to downtown as well so that she can have authority etc. I agreed with her in prayer. This is why I want to stay here to so that I can be in the thick of it in the spirit!!!

So it was just an honor to meet her!!!! Is God amazing or what??? She told me how many people are like her in different positions surrounding the government in prayer!!! God has sent in the behind-the-scenes cooperative! God is slick!

I felt like I met my long-lost sister!!! 👩🏼🧒🏾❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Notes from Dr. June:

After traveling in the Greyhound bus for 16 hours and being on the road to include that for 24 hours, I was exhausted! For God to bless me in such a beautiful hotel was amazing! I give him all the praise! He told me He’s taking me into my promise land and boy what a day to start that!

Video of when I first arrived in DC off Greyhound bus! I share some visions!

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