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Revelation Ministries

Dr. Warren & Dr. Deven Cavalier

Watson, Louisiana


Dr. Warren and Dr. Deven Cavalier are the Apostolic Overseers of We are the Bride Ministries. They are on the Board and we greatly appreciate their prayers and devotion to this ministry.

June Dawn met the Cavaliers ten years ago at World Harvest Bible College in Columbus, Ohio under the direction of Pastor Rod Parsley. They knew then it was a God-ordained connection. Now, ten years later they are connected again through another ministry, Dr. Christian and Dr. Robin Harfouche of the International Miracle Institute. The Cavaliers have received their doctorates through this ministry and June Dawn is graduating in August with her doctorate.


Here is information about the Cavaliers:

  • Winning the lost, Making Disciples, Training in Leadership, and sending them out to fulfill their mission!
  • Mission
    Revelation Ministries declares that there is only one true God and the only way to eternity with Him is through the acceptance of His Son, Jesus Christ; Who died by Crucifixion as the penalty for the sins of all mankind, rose again from the dead in three days and now sits at the right hand of the Father making intercession for all those who believe in Him.

    Revelation Ministries declares the person of the Holy Spirit to be the power of God on Earth working with man unto salvation, deliverance and wholeness of life. By Him there are many gifts given to man to fulfill the personal mandate of God.

    deven3Revelation Ministries is committed to individuals, families, and ministries to work with them toward wholeness of life and prosperity by rightly dividing and applying the word of God to the needs unto restoration and equipping those to walk in that mandate.

    Revelation Ministries is committed to offer the love and acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ and to preach the Gospel into all the world.

  • Awards

    Graduates of World Harvest Bible College / Pastor Rod Parsley; Honors Awards

    Doctorates of Divinity / Apostles Dr. Christian and Dr. Robin Harfouche

  • Email

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