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Bride Time LIVE- Dr. June Knight Interview with Creative Minister Carolyn Venable – Houston, TX

05.17.17 – Dr. June interviewed this creative minister in her home in Houston Texas. This woman is so creative. She draws, writes, sings, acts, plays instruments and paints. This woman has used her talents and gifts all over the world for Jesus. She is a great example of giving God what you have and allowing Him to use you.

About Carolyn:

Carolyn Anne Venable is the music minister at Eastgate Ministries of Katy, Texas and has been leading people into intimate worship for many years, including ten years playing music with Aglow.  She is known by her laugh and the joy of the LORD.


BIO for Granny Vee:

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Singing her original songs with a retinue of cuddly characters, she has delighted hundreds of children while inspiring them to keep the Golden Rule.  With a hope to gladden little hearts and to instill good values, Mrs. Venable has showcased her many lyrics, stories, lessons and poetry on her “Granny Vee” website.

Carolyn Anne Venable
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