Bride Time Live w/Dr. June Knight

Bride Time LIVE TV Show allows the Bride of Christ to be highlighted. This is accomplished through interviews, round-table discussions, town halls, etc.

  1. Bride meaning We are the Bride

  2. Time meaning it’s their time to shine to the world!

  3. LIVE meaning it’s LIVE across the world!

This is the time for the Bride to shine to the world. We are in the last days and God has raised each one up for such a time as this. is dedicated to highlighting the  Bride of Christ.

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About Dr. June:

 Dr. June Knight is a White House Correspondent, media specialist, author, and TV/radio host. Dr. June has served ministries and businesses all over the world to achieve their goals. Recently God has sent her all over the United States, to pray from border to border.



She completed this mission in 2017 with the MAGA Revival Tour (Making America Godly Again). She held a national Christian march at the end of that tour. Dr. June interviewed Americans on the road and held four strategic revivals on the north, south, east and west of the nation. Dr. June fell in love with the nation and her people during this year’s assignment.

Documentary of Voices in America

to President Donald J. Trump

40 Day Prayer Team to Cast Down Idols

in the Church and Nation

During that tour, the Lord revealed the sickness in the church and Dr. June began exposing what she discovered. In January of 2018, she rallied a team of people across the nation to pray for 40 days to tear down the idols in our nation.

Moved to Washington DC!

The Lord told Dr. June in July 2018 that her new assignment is in Washington DC. She has now moved there to expand Christian television and radio across the country. She lived there for a year and now she’s writing books about her past seven  years of ministry.

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