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Bride Time LIVE – Dr. June Knight Interview with Maureen Bravo – Orlando, FL

04.15.17 – Dr. June Knight interviews a mighty woman of prayer. She has a kingdom understanding of discipleship, prayer and spiritual warfare. Hear her life story and gain much wisdom from this leader in the Kingdom! What does she say about the prayerful condition of America? What does she see in the spirit? How can we partner with Heaven for such a time as this?

About Maureen:

Describing herself as “a mouse in His pocket”, Maureen continually marvels at God’s work as He touches His people for His purposes…and allows her to participate with Him in preparing the Bride to receive her Beloved when He comes!  A deep passion for intercession, reconciliation and discipleship sharpens her ability to teach and bring forth the revelation of God’s grace and salvation in every prayer room she facilitates and in every nation she visits. Maureen has a “Kingdom perspective” which calls her to the global Body of Christ, and locally, to the “CHURCH OF ORLANDO”. With a heart for the many congregations who meet in numerous places, with different expressions, under various banners, all united under the same High Priest, Jesus Christ, she is at home everywhere that JESUS is LORD!  Maureen rejoices as she shares God’s love, enabling others to come into His Presence and worship Him with her!  Her intense intimacy with God is reflected in everything she does, and it underscores and emphasizes her ministry focus of worshipping God over the nations and calling His people in every city and region to do the same.  As Maureen serves as International Director for the Liberty Prayer Network, that message continues to go out worldwide!  Her heart cry is that we would “AWAKEN, ARISE and ADORE Him, consecrate ourselves to Him anew for this season, and worship Him over our lives and families, our cities, states and nations in all regions of His world!

More About Maureen:

Maureen Bravo is a woman on a mission!  Be it “Mission Orlando”, “Mission Florida” or “Mission World”…she is working for unity and praying for the transformation of cities, states, and nations!  She says, “Hineni, Adonai! / Here I am, Lord!” and serves Him joyfully, discipling new believers, mentoring emerging leaders, and training, equipping and preparing those who want to serve together in the Body of Christ. Whether teaching youth, training intercessors, leading worship, facilitating reconciliation, or directing the lost to Christ, Maureen delights in serving the Lord and ministering to His people!

Maureen is the International Director of the LIBERTY PRAYER NETWORK, the prayer arm of the Liberty Counsel®, an international nonprofit litigation, education, and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the family. Liberty Counsel was established to preserve religious liberty and help create and maintain a society in which everyone will have the opportunity to discover the truth that will give true freedom.  Maureen also founded and served as the Executive Director of Resources Unlimited International, Inc., and facilitates the Intercessory Prayer Network of Central Florida (IPNCF) and the extended Intercessory Prayer and Worship Network of Central Florida (IPWNCF).

Modeling “The Changing Face of Intercession”, Maureen has continually brought together intercessors from across the various streams to worship God over their cities and pray for them (Jeremiah 29:7), as modeled through Consecrate Orlando, a major prayer initiative in Central Florida during the month of May 2009.  The IPNCF has served to undergird various conferences, events and prayer initiatives (ie. THE AWAKENING LC Conferences, Promise Keepers, Exodus International, Mission America, Global Pastors Prayer Conferences, National Marketplace Prayer Summit, GodsMission, Women of Faith, National Day of Prayer, March for Jesus, Get Motivated Seminars, Orlando Festival with Luis Palau, Global Day of Prayer, Ethne to Ethne, International Orality Network, WIN and the Call2All) in the Central Florida area…and beyond.

Maureen’s intercessory prayer rooms have been designated as “The Furnace Room”, “Altars for God” (where the “fire on the altar never goes out”) and “The Eagle’s Nest”, where fledgling intercessors receive invaluable “on the job” training alongside seasoned prayer warriors…and these young “eaglets” are activated and launched into realms of intercession where they begin to “soar” quickly in prayer, and move with the grace of mature eagles!  In each prayer room, the heart of the Father for His children is heard; as we move in unity with Him, His heart is made known!

Internationally, Maureen functions as an “Ambassador for Christ”…and for the United States!  She is a 21st century “missionary”, a “life coach” and an “equipper” for the Body of Christ. In 1992, she led a group of intercessors on a prayer journey to Israel, after which she entered 40 day water fast which prepared her for the ministry she is engaged in today. In 1994, she was the closing speaker for the CBN “Signs and Wonders Conference” in Virginia Beach.

She served as a US representative for the pro-life movement at the 1996 United Nations Conference in Rome, Italy. There, she lobbied the international delegates to vote against abortion, forced sterilization, genital mutilation and euthanasia.  She traveled to South America, ministering in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Bolivia (1997-1998-1999). There her focus was primarily on intercession, networking believers and helping to nurture Catholic-Protestant reconciliation. She has served on the intercession teams for the 2002 International Prayer Consultation in South Africa, the 2004 and 2011 Lausanne Conferences on World Evangelization (LCWE) and the 2004 International Prayer Consultation in Thailand.

In 2006, she made her first trip to Patna, in Bihar, India. Termed the “Graveyard of Missionaries”, Bihar is identified by Luis Bush as “the core of the core of the core of the 10 / 40 Window”…(ie. “the darkest place on earth”!)  Yet for God and her, it was “a pearl of great price”!  She works there with indigenous pastor, Biju Thomas of TIM (Transformation India Ministries), networking the Body of Christ, sheltering orphans, developing and nurturing over 60 local church planters who are working all across Bihar and have established 156 congregations. Together, they rejoice over 1,060 new wells which have been put down in the villages, and all the cottage industries and tailoring schools that are springing forth!  As the peoples’ thirst is quenched, and the women are trained in sewing skills to help them earn a living and survive, they are open to receiving the love and good news of Jesus!  Maureen’s efforts are remembered in Bihar every time the water flows forth from those wells.

She returned to India in February 2008, spoke at the BLESS BIHAR CONFERENCE, focused on women’s empowerment and pastors’ training, and did further work with Transformation India Ministries. Her interaction with leaders from various denominations has led to bridges being built which are uniting the Body of Christ everywhere she goes!

She traveled to Seoul, South Korea, in November – December 2012, to facilitate the Intercessory Prayer Room for the global ETHNE to ETHNE conference. After completing that assignment, she and a team of local pastors and intercessors spent time strategizing over the region and praying at designated sites that were critical for the future of that country.

With a heart for the nations, Maureen is always thinking about the “next” trip, working closely with those in the international community, both here and abroad.  She traveled to Bolivia in November – December 2006, with a mandate to unify believers, encourage, equip and network intercessors, and to call forth intimate, worship of God over the nation. On her trek to a 14,500 foot “high place”, altars to pagan gods were discovered and removed, and an altar was erected to the ONE TRUE GOD Who was exalted and glorified over Bolivia!

She made her first trip to Barbados, in the Caribbean, in January 2007. On Mt. Hillaby, Barbados’ “high place”, she and a team of intercessors found and removed an altar to the Rasta god, and exalted the ONE TRUE GOD, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – God Almighty – over that island nation.

She returned to La Paz, Bolivia in February 2007, to further develop the IPN of Bolivia and work with the ministry of La Hermosa, along with other ministries of El Alto, a poverty stricken region in the Altiplano above La Paz.  That trip was concluded as she brought food and clothing to the people of the flood torn area of Santa Cruz and ministered to groups of pastors there.

Back in Barbados in July and August of 2007, she taught and trained adults, youth and children in intercession at the International Arts Symposium, participated in the “Shout Barbados! Worship Festival”, and ministered in a variety of situations regarding government, education and marketplace leaders. While there, she learned that a group of witches had recently visited Harrison Caves, the lowest point on the island, and pronounced curses on the children and families of Barbados. She and her team went there to reverse the curses and pronounce blessings on the children and families!  Redemptive works accompany her everywhere she goes!

A trip to Chile followed in November 2007; after speaking in a conference in Santiago, she worked with the local pastors in the region of La Florida, planning their first city-wide multi-denominational communion service. Through her ministry, the Body of Christ in Central Florida provided for the purchase of communion elements for 2,000+ in the Body of Christ in La Florida!  We are one Body, and we do not stand alone!

Additional ministry trips have taken her to the continents: North and South America / Europe / Africa / Asia…and in every place, the Body of Christ was made stronger because of His Presence carried within her.

On the state and national levels, Maureen has been speaking to, training and nurturing emerging Intercessory Prayer Networks in Tallahassee, Tampa and Gainesville, uniting them with other intercessors across the state through the IPNFL. Maureen has been a part of the National Committee of Pray USA!, interceded for Mission America conferences, the World Prayer Center in CO Springs, and for  Campus Crusade for Christ’s CSU reunions and Prayer and Fasting Gatherings. She networks with prayer leaders across the nation, praying with and for them, and has served on US prayer teams with Eddie Smith (US Prayer Center), for whom she led three GMS intercessory teams, and internationally for two Lausanne Conferences, the IPC with Barbara Byerly (former USA President of AGLOW), the International Orality Network (ION) and for ETHNE.

Locally, Maureen has served on the Board of Vision Orlando (VO), the Central Florida Mayors’ Prayer Breakfast, the Seminole County Prayer Breakfast Committee and served as City Prayer Coordinator for VO.  Maureen has worked tirelessly networking intercessors as she coordinated numerous city-wide prayer events (Global Day of Prayer, National Day of Prayer, Consecrate Orlando, March for Jesus and 40+ local Concerts of Prayer).

She has facilitated meetings for Jackson Senyonga of Uganda (seen on the Transformations II video) / Biju Thomas of Patna, Bihar, India / Dr. Mark Gabriel, noted author and expert on Islam and terrorism / and numerous other ministry leaders in Central Florida. Her prayer teams have functioned alongside leaders such as Mat Staver of the LIBERTY COUNSEL, Dr. Bill Bright in his CCCI FASTING and PRAYER gatherings, Pastor Eddie Smith in the “Get Motivated” seminars, as well as local OPD Chaplains in “Operation Armor All” and  Orange County Sheriff’s Chaplains in “Operation Deliverance”.

Maureen facilitated a trans-denominational prayer group, The Servants of the Most High, which met weekly for 18 years in Altamonte Springs beginning in 1992. She meets monthly with the attorneys and staff of the Liberty Counsel for “SUPER TUESDAY” gatherings for the past 16+ years.  She has also ministered in both the Orange and Seminole County jails, pointing men, women and youth to the Light and Truth of God!

Maureen’s husband, Carmine Bravo, is a Seminole County Senior Judge (Ret’d). Together, they raised six children – five boys and one girl (now ages 36-46). History repeats itself; when the original “litter” matured, a new generation appeared on the scene. They currently have 14 grandchildren, (nine boys and five girls – and another granddaughter in the womb… ranging in age from womb to 27 yrs). Certainly, their family “quiver” is full!

Today, at age 70, Maureen’s relationship with God is more real to her than it has ever been.  Describing herself as “a mouse in His pocket”, she continually marvels as He works through, with and in her…touching His people for His purposes. Her intense intimacy with God is reflected in her ongoing focus of worshipping God over the nations and calling His people to do the same. Her deep passion for intercession, discipleship and reconciliation further sharpens her ability to teach and bring the revelation of grace and salvation to God’s people, and hence, serve Him in whatever ways He is pleased to use her for transformation in cities, states, and nations. Her work on the 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call, which launched November 11, 2016 after the election, is now producing Strategic Prayer Calls uniting  intercessors in each State to prepare them to deal at the local level with issues that are being returned to the States from the Federal Government for their determination!  She is fully engaged in the Battle of the Bride!

Maureen’s “Kingdom perspective” calls her to the whole Body in Christ, globally, nationally and locally to the “CHURCH OF ORLANDO”, composed of the many Christian and Messianic congregations in the city, who meet in numerous places, with different expressions, under various banners, all united under the same High Priest, Jesus Christ. She is at home everywhere that JESUS is LORD! She is part of a church plant at SENT CHURCH in Sanford, attends Annunciation Church in Altamonte Springs with her husband and 96 years young Mother, Rosanna, and on Friday nights,  facilitates a 3 hour international SHABBAT Celebration, sharing our Jewish roots with our Christian and Messianic brothers and sisters.  Everywhere she goes, she is preparing the Bride for her Beloved!

Maureen definitely thrives on interaction with different cultures, and journeys through life with those who want to grow together in their love for Jesus, soak in the Presence of the Holy Spirit, and allow the Father to have His way as they worship before His throne. No one knows who will be in her meetings at any given time…and her home is frequented by visitors from South America, the Caribbean, Egypt, Haiti, Africa…a cross section of His creation…and each one finds a special welcome in her loving arms…(and if they don’t know Him, they will receive an introduction to the ONE Whom she loves!)

Whether dealing with one life at a time, or working with larger numbers in various prayer initiatives, Maureen continues to rejoice in His love for her and His graciousness in allowing her to know, love and serve Him and bring others into His Presence!  She says, “The KING and HIS KINGDOM!  It’s all about HIM!”  She can’t thank Him enough for His ongoing work in her life, for allowing her to love and minister to Him, and for showing her how to engage in such an amazing “warfare of love” on behalf of His precious children!

Maureen Carson Bravo          1566 Grace Lake Circle     Longwood, FL 32750

E-mail:       Cell:   407-810-4665

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