Dr. June Interviews Bride Time Live

Bride Time LIVE – Dr. June Knight Interview with Pastor Joel Arwood – Pigeon Forge, TN

February 25, 2018

Pastor Joel Arwood

Pigeon Forge, TN


Dr. June sat down with pastor to hear his life story. What did God do to take him from nothing and make him into something? What is his journey? Hear what he sees for America and the coming days. Filmed in the Great Smoky Mountains!

Dr. June gleaned off of Pastor Arwood’s wisdom for America and the church. He provides great advice. Also…the Lord told Dr. June to give this ministry ALL of her media equipment. Her television camera, tripods, lights, mics, etc. So…this is Dr. June’s last interview with this blessed camera! Thank you Lord for allowing WATB.tv the honor to have all of this equipment when we had it and now we BLESS Purpose Church’s ministry!

About Pastor Arwood:


Pastor Joel Arwood is a distinct voice in the kingdom of God.  He is a trailblazer, leader, and the lead pastor and founder of Purpose Church. Pastor Joel grew up in the mountains of East TN. He recognized the call of God on his life from a very young age. Growing up with a learning disability that made it very difficult for him to read, Pastor Joel had many setbacks but had a strong will to fulfill his purpose for God. He was saved at age 8 and baptized in the Holy Ghost at age 15.

Before starting Purpose Church, he served as a State Evangelist for the Church of God . He also served as the chairman of the Tennessee Evangelism and Home Missions Board. Pastor Joel communicates the gospel in a very relevant way that people can understand and discover their purpose. Pastor Joel is an Ordained Bishop with the Church of God , Cleveland, TN.

Pastor Joel has been married to Theresa for over 17 years and they have four children together.


Watch His Interview 

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