Bride Time LIVE

Bride Time Live

Reports from the Bride

Across the Earth

This broadcast will feature ministers from all over the world who will share what God is doing in their region and ministries! We will literally document the last move of God on Earth! We are about to experience the greatest move this Earth has ever experienced!  IT’S THE BRIDE’S TIME!

How Long is the Broadcast?

It is anywhere between 1-2 hours. We asked that if you’re chosen for the broadcast that you set aside two hours of distraction-free video time. You will BE LIVE ACROSS THE WORLD so people will be watching!

From Dr. June Knight:

I am honored to highlight all of you ministers for the past few  years. I have heard your stories, heard you preaching from the throne room, and most of you have no name. What I mean is that you have been hidden in the caves, but you’re doing mighty exploits for God! I desire to hold your hand as we come out of that cave together! God has knitted all of us together FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

I hope to partner with you to celebrate what God is doing in your region! I am a kingdom-minded preacher and I celebrate what God is doing in every one of us. We are called to reach the harvest! There is enough harvest for everyone! No room for jealousy! We all have strengths, skills, talents, etc., that is very much needed for the Kingdom of God to advance in this hour!

We are not a weak Bride! We are a strong Bride! Let’s put our boots on and get ready for the battle ahead? While we’re in the battle, we will be PRAISING GOD ALONG THE WAY WITH LIVE REPORTS OF HIS MIRACLES SIGNS AND WONDERS ACROSS THE EARTH! No matter what happens on the Earth in the natural, it does NOT STOP THE ARMY FROM ADVANCING! CHARGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Sign up to either Host Dr. Knight &

a Town Hall for BTL or to be on program:

Host Dr. Knight and local pastors/leaders in your region. The only thing required is there must be at least five (5) participating ministers involved and attend. Depending on location other requirements may be required. Let your region have a voice!